Following the Money

By John Miano on May 11, 2010

I have finished reading Moving Millions: How Coyote Capitalism Fuels Global Immigration by Jeffrey Kaye. This book documents the economic forces that drive immigration. For those who are not intimately involved in the issues of employment-based immigration, this book is likely to be an eye-opener.

One aspect of this book that I believe readers of this site will find most interesting is its description of the interlocking network of business groups and "pro-immigrant" groups that work together to put in place the policies for moving labor around the world. Much of this is rather humorous, such as the book's description of Microsoft's attempts to downplay layoffs while calling on newly elected President Obama to provide more foreign labor.

I was especially happy to find Kaye's description of the labor cabal's apoplectic reaction to the symbolic provisions covering H-1B visas in the TARP funding. TARP recipients are required to certify that they recruited U.S. workers in good faith and that they are not displacing U.S. workers with foreign workers when they apply for H-1B visas. Kaye quotes Austin Fragomen, "You are giving [TARP Recipients] a lot of new hoops that [their] competitors ... do not have to face." However, I was disappointed that Kaye did not point out that the entire extent of these "hoops" was that TARP recipients have to check two additional boxes on a form.

Reader of this site may be put off by some aspects of the book. To illustrate, I point out the index entry:

Know Nothing Movement, 128. See also Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR); Restrictionists

Immigration policy is all about the money. Here you can get a good view of where the money is flowing from.