Worse Is Better, or Better Is Better?

By Mark Krikorian on September 14, 2008

I still think Mickey Kaus is right that a President McCain would be more likely to succeed in pushing amnesty through Congress than a President Obama, but reader Patrick has an interesting, opposite perspective:

The best thing to happen to anti-amnesty Republicans in Congress is the rise of McCain/Palin bringing back the GOP 'brand' and the increasing the generic GOP ballot.

I am helping a local Republican get elected. His message is partly anti-illegal-aliens and the safety issue. We need to end 'sanctuary cities'.

McCain's coattails may help stop amnesty even if he himself will not.

The idea that Palin Power is going to enable the GOP to take back the House is absurd, but if it can limit the losses, it might offset the intensity of McCain's commitment to amnesty.