A Whole New Meaning to 'Cheap Labor'

By Mark Krikorian on June 17, 2009

From a Washington Post story on foreign workers in Iraq:

Jasim al-Dulaimy, another tribal leader in Anbar who brought in Bangladeshis, said the workers had adapted well to desert life, adding that he had made them adopt the long, loose dishdashas traditionally worn in the province.

Dulaimy said he doesn't need to worry about the foreign workers joining the insurgency or acting as moles. And there is an additional benefit, he said. Because Awakening leaders have become targets of the insurgents, all his employees are vulnerable. But if any of his foreign workers are killed, he said, "I don't care as much as I do if one of the Iraqis working for me gets killed," explaining that relatives of slain Iraqi employees expect to receive hefty compensation.

This is why they used Irish immigrants to build the antebellum railroads instead of slaves — if the Irish got killed, it was no big deal, but slaves cost money.