Where's the Fence?

By Mark Krikorian on December 22, 2008

A new map (here in pdf) shows progress on the fence along the southern border. You need to blow it up a little to get a better look, but the fence is finished or under construction along almost all the border from the Pacific to El Paso, though in some places it's a vehicle barrier that prevents smuggling vans from crossing but not people from relatively easily hopping over. And I'm not sure if any of the places marked as completed have a "virtual fence" as opposed to an actual one. You can see some of the fence from satellite maps, too, like Google maps — if you look at California, for instance, its shadow is the black line that's parallel and just above the white line they've superimposed on the images to demarcate the international border.

UPDATE: A border agency spokeswoman tells me that none of the progress marked on the map I linked to is "virtual" fencing -- it's all real fencing, to stop cars and/or people from sneaking across.