What would securing the border actually look like?

After the Biden administration’s vandalism, it’s time for a way forward

By Mark Krikorian on September 28, 2022

It’s always easier to break something than to build it.

Joe Biden broke the immigration control system that he’d inherited from Donald Trump and that had been built up over several administrations of both parties. Rebuilding it after Biden’s vandalism will take time. Even if Republicans win the majority in both houses of Congress in November, it will take a change in administration before any real reconstruction can begin.

With more than 2 million “encounters” with illegal border-crossers over the past year, more than any year in history, restoring order may seem like an insuperable task. But as we saw right after Trump’s election and during the first months of his presidency, a simple expression of will can have a huge influence on prospective illegal aliens and their smugglers.

But rhetoric won’t be enough. Thankfully, Republicans seem to get that. The House GOP leadership recently presented an immigration security outline that includes many of the needed changes.

Regaining control must mean, first of all, a return to a policy of deterring illegal immigration, not merely processing those who make it across the border, which is the Biden administration’s policy. . . .

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