Trump’s Immigration Record

Mexico hasn’t paid for a wall, but there has been progress

By Mark Krikorian on October 2, 2020

It’s beginning to look like Mexico isn’t going to be paying for the wall after all.

But it turns out that our neighbor to the south did something far more important: The Trump administration persuaded Mexico to work with us to reduce the number of bogus asylum claims by Central Americans, claims that were threatening to make the border fence irrelevant.

And that’s just one of the immigration accomplishments the administration can point to. There have been plenty of stumbles, of course, and it won’t be clear for some time whether the Trump presidency will represent a net plus or minus in the long run for the cause of controlling immigration. But a look back at the past four years shows quite a few salutary changes, usually made in the face of implacable, even maniacal, opposition. . . . 

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