Remember the Center for Immigration Studies on #GivingTuesday

By Mark Krikorian on November 28, 2017

Today is "Giving Tuesday" – the contrived but well-meaning attempt to counter the rampant commercialization of the Christmas season. The promotion is a good reminder to help others and many worthwhile charities receive funding because of it.

Here’s why you should give to the Center for Immigration Studies today:

The Center is a charity, even though the nature of our work is more abstract than many charitable endeavors. We don’t do the vital, hands-on work of feeding the poor or ministering to the sick. Instead, we study, develop, and promote ideas. Our work helps protect the safety and stability of the United States through the promotion of sensible immigration policies. That, in turn, helps our many of our fellow Americans, especially the most vulnerable.

We have never been more influential than in the past year. Whatever you think of the Trump administration, they have embraced the "attrition through enforcement" strategy that we pioneered a decade ago. From day one, they have drawn heavily on our recommendations. We have advised White House and DHS officials on how to reverse many of the misguided and dangerous anti-enforcement initiatives pursued by prior administrations of both parties.
We have seen the DACA program ended, sanctuary laws repealed, and across-the-board enforcement efforts made. Our ideas were incorporated into the RAISE Act, which would implement a skills-based legal immigration system, end extended family reunification, and reduce the level of future legal immigration by half. In his speech to the United Nations, President Trump cited our work on reforming refugee resettlement. The White House has also submitted to Congress a wish list of 70 immigration improvements, most of which we have developed and advocated.
Fernando Peinado of Univision called us "Washington’s most important 'low-immigration' think tank" (actually, we're the only one!) and the administration's go-to source for immigration research, while the New Yorker has dubbed us the White House's preferred "anti-immigration think tank."
We are making a difference. But there is much more to accomplish. Please consider supporting our important work by donating today.