Peace in Our time

By Mark Krikorian on November 14, 2008

From a WaPo item on next week's meeting between Obama and McCain:

In an interview Friday, [Sen. Lindsey] Graham said that Obama requested the meeting during a 20-minute phone call that the South Carolina senator described as a "pleasant" discussion about how they could work together effectively.

"We just talked about the desire to find something meaningful to work on," Graham said. "He was very nice to me, said that he considered me a serious, reform-minded senator that he could do business with."

Graham said that Obama raised the idea of "sitting down in a serious way with Senator McCain ... where they can find common ground." The details of the meeting were worked out between Graham and Obama's new chief of staff, Rahm Emanuel.

(Emanuel and Graham worked together during the campaign as the two debate negotiators.)

Having just come from seeing David Zucker get an award from David Horowitz's outfit, the first thing I thought of when reading Graham's "He was very nice to me" and imagining him negotiating with Rahm Emanuel was Zucker's ad about Madeleine Albright trying to appease Kim Jong Il by giving him a basketball (and baking cookies for suicide bombers, mowing the lawn for the Nork nuke plant, etc.):


And the piece de resistance of the WaPo item?:

Graham said that McCain and Obama are philosophically alike on budget reform, Social Security changes, earmark reform and immigration.

"If the administration wants to move forward with immigration again, I stand ready to do that," Graham said.

Oy vey.