Paying Illegal Immigrants to Go Home

By Mark Krikorian on November 11, 2010
Gallup reports

that 18 percent of Hispanic immigrants in the United States want to emigrate to another country, a third of them to Mexico and the rest to other Latin American countries or Canada or Europe. They are more likely than other Hispanic immigrants to be poor and not speak English well — i.e., almost certainly disproportionately illegal aliens, though the survey didn't ask about legal status. (The survey was conducted last year, so the number might actually be higher now, in the wake of last week’s debacle for the amnesty crowd.)

Fortuitously, there's a new organization to help them do just that. A group called the Coalition to Protect American Workers is buying plane tickets for illegal immigrants who want to go home. From their site:

Many illegal immigrants desperately want to return home to be with their families, but cannot because they lack resources and fear the government. Yet these illegal immigrants would readily welcome private assistance to repatriate back home. CPAW seeks qualified referrals from faith-based organizations to assist immigrant individuals and families unlawfully present in the United States wishing to return home. CPAW provides direct assistance to people to help cut bureaucracy, save costs, and expedite the process to leave America.

I'm not sure how many people have taken the group up on its offer, but it seems like a good deal — the illegal immigrants leave our country, taxpayers don’t have to foot the bill, and the illegals themselves avoid the ordeal of arrest and deportation. Everybody wins — except La Raza and its ilk and the crooked businesses they’re in league with.