Op-ed: Biden again teases to do something he always could do – close the border

By Mark Krikorian on April 10, 2024

During the Trump administration there was a running joke about “Infrastructure Week” — at least half a dozen times the White House said it would be focusing all its attention to roads, bridges, etc., and each time it didn’t happen.

The Biden administration is following suit on an even more urgent problem, and one of its own creation: the out-of-control border.

After repeated White House hints that the president might finally do something about the border — none of which resulted in anything — this week the president himself teased that maybe, possibly he might act.

During the first three years of this administration, about 3.5 million people with no right to enter the United States were released into the country by Biden’s DHS.

There were another 2 million “got-aways” — border-jumpers that agents saw on remote cameras or otherwise knew about but couldn’t stop.

On top of all that are an unknown number of foreigners who infiltrated the border without anyone in authority knowing about it all.

No country in history has ever allowed an illegal flow of that magnitude across its borders.

Biden created the disaster immediately upon taking office by unraveling all the border-stabilizing measures Trump had put in place.

Nonetheless, a president who cared about the rule of law and national security would have acknowledged his error and acted immediately to stop it.

Instead, all we got were assurances that all is well, please remain calm.

But there’s an election coming, and Biden’s opponent is Mr. Build-The-Wall himself.

The administration had to do something.

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