No Surprise Here

By Mark Krikorian on April 11, 2009

So, the Atlanta paper has selected its new conservative editorial columnist, the result of a contest to fill the affirmative-action position. I'm sure Kyle Wingfield is a prince of a man and an engaging writer — but it's no accident that he supports open borders: "I have seen the segregation and inhumanity that result from being unable to stop immigrants from coming to your country, but managing to stop them from working in your country and integrating into your society." (And yes, he does write editorials for the Wall Street Journal, thanks for asking.) From his brief intro piece (his column won't start til next month), he seems to be against cap and trade, Card Check, and the nanny state in general — all sound views the liberals at the AJC editorial page would recoil from. But he can get away with all that because, like I always say, open borders is the immutable value of the Left.