No Cartel War Spillover, Nosiree

By Mark Krikorian on November 9, 2011
From The Monitor

newspaper in South Texas:

An internal Gulf Cartel struggle may have directly caused at least two recent kidnappings in the Rio Grande Valley, as well as an apparent exodus of lieutenants who are looking for safety on U.S. soil.

In the last two weeks of October, Rafael "El Junior" Cardenas Vela, Eudoxio "El Bocho" Ramos Garcia and Jose Luis "Comandante Wicho" Zuniga Hernandez were arrested by U.S authorities in Port Isabel, Rio Grande City and Santa Maria, respectively.

How long til cartel soldiers start demanding asylum and the ACLU sues on their behalf? And close to a quarter million regular people have fled just Ciudad Juarez as "narco-refugees", half of them coming north (most of them probably legally, using Border Crossing Cards — which the State Department has issued to the majority of the adult population of northern Mexico — then staying illegally). How many people have to move here before we acknowledge it as "spillover" — half a million? One million? Two million? It happened on that scale during the Mexican Revolution and there's every reason to think it could happen again.