Nefarious border goal: Motive behind ‘whip hoax’ suit

By Mark Krikorian on December 28, 2021

Haitian illegal immigrants involved in this fall’s Border Patrol “whipping” hoax in Del Rio, Texas, are suing the Biden administration, with the help of anti-borders groups. If all goes according to plan, all three of these parties — the illegal immigrants, the administration and the anti-borders groups — will win.

It’s clear what the former illegal immigrants themselves — now back in Haiti — want: a free flight to the United States so they can apply for asylum. As a practical matter, that would mean they’d be able to live here forever, whatever the eventual outcome of their asylum cases.

The Biden administration likewise has a clear agenda. It has shown over the past year a bedrock belief in the principle of unlimited immigration and only resorted to deporting a small share of the Haitians under that bridge in Texas because it feared the political fallout of the news pictures. So it’s unlikely to put up much of a defense in this case, and if it were to “lose,” it would be able to shift responsibility for the inevitable surge in Haitian arrivals by saying its hands were tied by the courts.

But the motives of the third set of actors in this game — the nonprofit legal groups actually filing the lawsuit — are a mix of profit and policy. The overriding goal, of course, is to open the borders. The lead anti-borders group involved, the Innovation Law Lab, actually sells shirts with images titled “Migration Is Sacred” and “Unbuild The Wall.” . . .

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