Mow Your Own Lawn

By Mark Krikorian on November 11, 2008

P.J. O'Rourke's take on last week's defeat touches on, among many other things, immigration:

Our attitude toward immigration has been repulsive. Are we not pro-life? Are not immigrants alive? Unfortunately, no, a lot of them aren't after attempting to cross our borders. Conservative immigration policies are as stupid as conservative attitudes are gross. Fence the border and give a huge boost to the Mexican ladder industry. Put the National Guard on the Rio Grande and know that U.S. troops are standing between you and yard care.

It's always about lawn care, isn't it? One blogger takes issue with O'Rourke, promulgating an additional defining principle of conservatism:

If you can’t take care of your lawn without a complete breakdown of national sovereignty, maybe you’re not responsible enough to have one.

Sounds good to me.