Mahmud Abouhalima Day

By Mark Krikorian on February 26, 2021

Friday is the 28th anniversary of the first World Trade Center attack, which killed six people and came close to knocking down the Twin Towers seven-and-a-half years before another group of Islamist terrorists succeeded. The experience of one of its masterminds should give pause to lawmakers considering the U.S. Citizenship Act, a.k.a. the Biden-Menendez amnesty bill.

Mahmud “The Red” Abouhalima was an Egyptian radical Islamist who flew to the U.S. in the fall of 1985 on a tourist visa. He had no intention of leaving and became an illegal alien the next year when he overstayed his allotted time. Working as a cab driver in New York, he applied for the 1986 amnesty — as a farmworker. And he was approved, as were thousands of others, in what the New York Times called “one of the most extensive immigration frauds ever perpetrated against the United States Government.”

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