Impending Loom!

By Mark Krikorian on December 16, 2008

To get a sense of the absurdity of the bottomless industry demands for cheap labor, and the media gullibility about them, reader G.N. suggests googling "workers" and "looming shortage" and look over the 10,600 results. In addition to the usual "looming shortage of skilled workers," in just the first few pages you find a "looming shortage of nuclear workers," a "looming shortage of state and local public health workers," a "looming shortage of concrete finishers," a "looming shortage of nurses," a "looming shortage of supply chain workers," a "looming shortage of teachers," a "looming shortage of silviculture workers," and, perhaps most alarming of all, a "looming shortage of licensed social workers." OMG! More visas for social workers!