Ignoring Their Betters

By Mark Krikorian on May 5, 2010

Despite (or maybe because of) the sustained elite attack on the Arizona law, public support is holding steady. A new poll from Investors Business Daily finds 2 to 1 support for the bill nationwide, about the same as the NYT/CBS poll (combining the 51 percent who said it was about right and the 9 percent who said it didn't go far enough) and Rasmussen.

What our elite institutions have been engaged in since the law was signed is a sustained Gordon Brown moment, but instead of accidentally calling the hoi polloi bigots on an open mic, they've been rushing to the mic to openly denounce them as such. But there's only so many times politicians, pundits, and prelates can cry "Nazi!" before people start ignoring them.

For more on how immigration is not a right-left issue, but rather an up-down issue, pitting the public against elites, see here and here.