End the Asylum Regime

By Mark Krikorian on November 22, 2023

The State Department this week placed visa restrictions on charter-flight companies that have been flying people from Haiti to Nicaragua to get them started on their journey to illegally cross the U.S. border. (Nicaragua doesn’t require them to get visas.) This comes after Haiti banned such flights, but Haitians are still taking them from neighboring countries.

This is an attempt by the leftist Ortega government in Nicaragua to weaponize migration, accelerating the flow of illegal aliens to the U.S. as blackmail leverage to try to get us to loosen sanctions.

Even though the immediate cause of the border crisis is the Biden administration’s abandonment of Trump policies, the ultimate cause is the post–World War II refugee/asylum regime itself. Asylum law has become a threat not just to the U.S. but to all developed countries whose prosperity and orderliness are magnets to migrants from the third world, who often use bogus claims of persecution as a gambit to gain access. . . .

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