Democrats keep passing the buck on who pays for illegal immigration

By Mark Krikorian on November 17, 2022

Democrats, from the president to the governor to the mayor, all encourage illegal immigration, then try to fob off the cost onto someone else.

Joe Biden issues an invitation to everyone in the world to cross our border illegally, and then expects the taxpayers of El Paso, McAllen, Uvalde, and elsewhere to deal with it . . . somehow.

Saddled with these costs, Texas ships a couple days’ worth of illegal immigrants to New York and other sanctuary cities, and Mayor Adams and the others cry bloody murder and demand that Texas not transfer the costs to them.

When Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand proposed a gimmick to ship some of New York City’s illegal immigrants upstate, so cities there can get federal money intended to fight urban blight, Gov. Kathy Hochul objects and wants them to stay in the city.

All this happens because the rhetoric of Democratic politicians about the wonders of unlimited immigration is bull, and they know it. New York City’s Independent Budget Office recently estimated that providing services just to the recent influx of illegal immigrants could cost taxpayers $600 million per year. . . .

[Read the whole thing at the New York Post.]

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