Democratic Cities Get a Taste of the Overwhelming Cost of Open Borders

By Mark Krikorian on August 1, 2022

In April, Texas Governor Greg Abbott touted his plan to bus illegal immigrants released by the Biden administration up to D.C., saying of White House officials, “If they’re not going to come to the border, I’m going to take the border to them.”

Arizona followed suit and, to be honest, I was skeptical. Stunts are a natural part of politics, of course, so there’s nothing wrong with that, but I figured the numbers wouldn’t be big enough to get anyone’s attention.

The anti-enforcement crowd was more scathing, mocking what they saw as a hilarious self-own by troglodyte Republican governors. Then-White House press secretary Jen Psaki snarked: “It’s nice the state of Texas is helping them get to their final destination.” The Washington Post’s Dana Milbank said the bus trips were “a bust” which “haven’t had any impact on President Biden, nor on said government, nor even on local authorities.” And the New York Times crowed that “Texas’ Busing of Migrants to D.C. Isn’t Having Abbott’s Intended Effect Yet.”

Well, it is now!


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