David vs. Goliath

By Mark Krikorian on April 14, 2009

It's hilarious when the open-borders side complains about "deep-pocketed restrictionists" (see this example -- from the Wall Street Journal, no less!) given the almost unbelievable disparity in funding between the two sides. But this story on the Ford Foundation in today's NYT really illustrates the huge money advantage that the open-borders side enjoys:

Ford also will put dollar figures on each of the eight issue areas, which will address longstanding criticism of the foundation's devotion to small grants.

For instance, Ford will commit "upwards of $30 million" to immigration over the next 18 months, a spokeswoman said. It might have committed a similar amount in the past, but the total would have been obscured by reporting of each grant made.

"Every one of these issue areas will involve a major investment of the size you can announce because each one requires a level of resources of that magnitude to have an impact," Mr. Ubiñas said.

Thirty million dollars? That's probably twice the annual budget of all the low-immigration groups combined. And it doesn't include the gushers of money that will come from other foundations and the unions and the Chamber of Commerce and the ethnic chauvinist groups.

(Though you could, you know, make our own little trickle of money here at CIS a little bigger by clicking here.)