By Mark Krikorian on September 28, 2012

USCIS released the first data on President Obama's illegal DACA amnesty for illegal immigrants who came here before age 16. As of September 14, a total of 86,942 applications were accepted (about 4 percent of applications were not accepted because they were incomplete). Of that total, 60 percent were from Mexican citizens, more than double the next 10 countries combined.

News reports have focused on the small number of approvals, only 36 as of September 14. But equally notable is that no one has been denied -- not a single person. It's unlikely that will continue as a larger number of applications are completed, but it raises the question: What will happen to those illegal immigrants whose applications are rejected? Nothing, that's what, meaning that it's well worth the while of people who don't qualify to try their luck with lies and fraud. If they're found out, they lose nothing, because they're still covered by the "prosecutorial discretion" amnesty! True, that lesser version of amnesty does not provide them with a work card and a Social Security numbers, as the DACA amnesty does, but it nonetheless ensures that they can live here unimpeded -- and work, too, since the administration has also gutted worksite enforcement.