The Border As An Attractive Nuisance

Among the victims of our ambivalent and half-hearted enforcement of immigration laws are the migrants themselves.

By Mark Krikorian on September 28, 2021

If you don’t put a fence around your swimming pool, and a kid falls in, you can be held liable.

And if you don’t put a fence around your country, and migrants suffer harm trying to get in, your government is liable.

The analogy isn’t perfect, of course. Children don’t know any better, whereas most illegals are adults who know they are taking risks and are responsible for the consequences of their decisions. But in both cases the concept of the “attractive nuisance” applies: If strangers might trespass and harm themselves, you have a responsibility to take some minimum steps to secure your property.

We saw some of the consequences of a border unsecured against trespass recently in Del Rio, Texas.


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