Biden’s Unserious Border ‘Solution’ — Mass Amnesty for All Illegal Immigrants

By Mark Krikorian on December 28, 2022

Talk about using people as political pawns.

The White House complained Monday about Texas Gov. Greg Abbott’s latest busload of migrants dropped off at the vice president’s doorstep on Christmas Eve. But the administration’s response was to use the 100 or so illegal immigrants as an argument for its mass-amnesty legislation, a bill so radical even Speaker Nancy Pelosi wouldn’t bring it up for a vote.

Abbott reported Monday that Texas over the past several months had bused nearly 16,000 illegal border-jumpers to the sanctuary cities of Washington, New York, Chicago and Philadelphia. This may sound like a lot but it’s really just two days’ worth of illegal-migrant “encounters” at the border.

The purpose of these voluntary, state-funded bus trips is twofold: First, they offer some relief to the small border communities groaning under the burden of President Biden’s mass illegal-immigrant releases, and, second, they force a reluctant national media to cover a border disaster they’d prefer no one notice.

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