Amnesty's Not Dead Yet. It'll Soon Be Feeling Better.

By Mark Krikorian on February 6, 2014

House Speaker John Boehner's statement seeming to walk back a little from his commitment to push amnesty and increased immigration probably is a sign of resistance in the GOP caucus, but this isn't over. Chuck Schumer's reaction, for instance, suggests it's just a head fake: "I'm not thrown back by it."

Inspired by Mickey Kaus's joke that the failure of amnesty would be bad for jobs — "the jobs of all the reporters MSM has assigned to drum up support for amnesty" — I'm starting a pool: How many days till the New York Times runs a story to the effect of "Prospects for Immigration Reform Increasing" or something like that. My own guess is ten days. There is so much lobbying money behind the amnesty/immigration-surge effort, and so much civil-rights-movement envy on the part of reporters eager to be lobbied, that such a story is inevitable.

So, make your predictions in the comments. Feel free to expand it beyond the Times, as in "The Washington Post in 17 days" or whatever. I'll send the winners(s) an autographed copy of my Encounter Broadside booklet, "How Obama Is Transforming America Through Immigration".