100,000th business has signed up for E-Verify

By Mark Krikorian on January 8, 2009

The 100,000th business has signed up for E-Verify, the free program that enables employers to check electronically whether new hires are authorized to work. (It's the Bratton Corp. of Kansas City.) Back in May, DHS's policy director reported that at least one in 10 new hires nationwide was already being verified this way, and the number of participating firms has grown by 50 percent since then. And after a new rule kicks in a week from today, requiring federal contractors to also use the program, DHS estimates the proportion of all new hires who are verified will climb to perhaps 20 percent. The point is to make use of E-Verify a standard part of the hiring process, a new labor standard, even without a statutory mandate, and thus close off more and more of the job market to illegal workers (most of whom work on the books). In the shorter term, this growth makes it essentially impossible for the Democrats to kill E-Verify (it needs to be re-authorized in March), as many of the open-borders crowd would like them to do.