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Contra Nadler

Contra NadlerYes, reach out to immigrants—but not by admitting more of them.By Mark KrikorianNational Review Online, February 13, 2009

Rapid REPAT Anyone?

The Associated Press reports that judges may order the California correctional system to release one-third of its 158,000 adult inmates within a few years, due to severe prison overcrowding. Law enforcement agencies and residents are understandably concerned. Gov. Schwarzenegger has proposed several eyebrow-raising measures, but not the obvious – remove the illegal aliens who are incarcerated to their home country instead of back to the streets of California. ICE has a program, known as Rapid REPAT to do just that.


In border terminology a "coyote" is the shadowy figure who guides illegal immigrants, usually for a hefty price, past immigration authorities and into the United States. Now a documentary film by that name, by Spanish filmmaker Chema Rodriguez, has been presented at the Berlin Film Festival.

Bringing 'Change' to the Census?

Illegal-immigration enthusiasts at the National Association of Latino Elected and Appointed Officials (NALEO) may be partially responsible for President Obama's recent decision to force the U.S. Census to report directly to the White House. According to Congressional Quarterly, the decision was made after NALEO issued a press release questioning the qualification of Obama's GOP appointee, saying:  

US Visa Express All Over Again

In the name of work load reduction, US embassies and consulates are in the process of rolling back certain security improvements imposed by Congress and the State Department after 9/11, with potentially serious public safety implications. Specifically, the Bureau of Consular Affairs has decided to allow posts to waive the interview requirement for applicants who are applying to renew temporary visas. The move represents a return to the reckless assembly line corner-cutting mentality that facilitated the entry of the 9/11 terrorists (read Janice Kephart's work, Joel Mowbray’s award-winning coverage and the GAO's report).

Nobody Here But Us Chickens

There's a scene in the Life of Brian where members of the People's Front of Judea are hiding from Roman soldiers in obviously ineffective ways — standing upright with a lampshade on their heads, etc. — and the joke is that the soldiers don't notice them and leave.

Gangs responsible for 80% of crime?

The government is reporting that gangs are responsible for up to 80 percent of crime in communities across the nation. While the report is not yet public, one central conclusion is that street gangs are growing in size and strength. Many are transitioning from street-level distributors of narcotics to cartel-sized entities that are capable of competing with major drug-trafficking organizations. Increased violence accompanies this trend.

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