An Open Letter to Candidate Clinton

By Dan Cadman on May 30, 2016

The latest campaign move by presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is to warn admirers at her events against Donald Trump's "deportation force" of police, as she did at a recent rally in Las Vegas.

I've been thinking about that and felt I should offer a friendly word of my own before she continues down that dead-end road and gets called on it, too:

Dear Mrs. Clinton,

Re: Your dire warnings against a deportation force

Alas, too late!

Such a force was created following passage of the federal Immigration Act in 1891. It was called the Immigration and Naturalization Service, which continued in existence more than 100 years until it was disbanded in favor of three subordinate agencies inside the Department of Homeland Security following the passage of the federal Homeland Security Act of 2002.

Those paramilitary deportation forces still exist though.

The uniformed agency is called the United States Border Patrol and the plainclothes agency is Immigration and Customs Enforcement. They wear badges. They carry guns. They make arrests (and even searches and seizures!) with or without warrant pursuant to law.

In short, they are federal police agents whose job is to enforce federal immigration laws, including deportation of aliens who break those laws. Just thought you might want to know.

You probably would, if your boss hadn't done such a bang-up job with his wrecking operation to render them useless in the past seven-plus years. Oh wait! He's the fellow you promise to outdo, isn't he?

Good luck with that. You'd be surprised how tenacious those agents can be when they dig in their heels and insist on doing their jobs. Over 100 years of history is on their side.

Sincerely yours,

A retired but vocal "deportation force" agent






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