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Of Country Bumpkins and City Slickers

In the age-old battle between the City Slicker and the Country Bumpkin, a literary opposition dating back to Greek and Roman sources that persists to this day in high and popular culture, the outcome never varies: the sophisticated overconfident Slicker loses to the ostensibly witless though wily-wise Country Bumpkin. The narrative expresses the triumph of the pastoral ideal, the tradition out of which the story line emerges, which asserts truth is most readily found and a virtuous, civilized life best lived farthest from cities and closest to nature. It would appear that Kirsten E.

Open borders as job security

The American Lawyer Daily has an interesting piece illustrating how immigration law firms push for more immigration simply as a means of revenue, without any concern for the impact on American society. This shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone. The article begins:

Paseo del Norte, Part I

Disturbia on the Border

El Paso is America’s largest border city, and one of the safest, friendliest and cleanest cities of its size. It is connected by four bridges and a dense web of long-standing commercial and family ties to the Mexican city of Juarez, on the other side of the border, which is perhaps the most dangerous city in North America, if not the world. At the local level, the cities’ self-conscious interdependence is celebrated. But the metropolis presents an unusual challenge to the federal immigration agencies operating there, and to the rest of the country. For all the genuine improvements in border security that have been made over the last several years, there remain a number of serious vulnerabilities. The situation is truly urgent – the escalating violence and deteriorating political stability in Juarez and other parts of Mexico are already putting new pressure on our immigration systems and could potentially provoke a long-term public safety and economic catastrophe here.

Perverse Policy

Lamenting the choice of Somali Americans to become suicide bombers back home, FBI Director Robert Mueller explained, “The prospect of young men, indoctrinated and radicalized within their own communities, and induced to travel to such countries to take up arms—and to kill themselves and perhaps many others—is a perversion of the immigrant story.”

Nursing and Teaching are Jobs Americans Won't Do?

Edited by Jessica Vaughan.

Lost in the debate over H-1B visas - which are typically portrayed as going mainly to high-tech or computer programming workers - is the fact that certain American colleges, universities, and medical facilities are also heavy users of this program. According to a searchable list of H-1B employers recently posted on Computer World magazine’s web site, a number of U.S. educational and health care institutions each sponsored hundreds of guest workers in 2008. Using this database, we identified 300 universities and 318 colleges that were approved for a total of 5,755 foreign workers. In addition we identified 465 public school systems, approved for 1,522 workers. Finally, we found 379 hospitals, and 948 health or medical employers who hired a combined 4,787 workers.

Contra Nadler 2.0

On immigration, conservatives advocate attrition through enforcement, not mass deportation.Richard Nadler complains that his critics didn’t address his main premise: that conservatives are advocating “mass deportation,” and that such a position is sure to alienate Hispanic voters. That’s because there are no serious advocates of “mass deportation.”

Immigration Fraud, on Top of Everything Else

The CIA's former No. 3 official awaits sentencing tomorrow in Virginia on federal charges that he conspired with a life-long friend to bilk the government out of millions of dollars and forced the CIA to hire his mistress. In their pre-sentencing memo, prosecutors also allege that Kyle "Dusty" Foggo helped facilitate an act of immigration fraud.

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