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There They Go Again

Having lost the political battle over the 287(g) program, with DHS declining to end the program or restrict its use to jails and prisons, and with continuing strong interest from local law enforcement agencies, frustrated open-borders advocates have settled on a new strategy -- sue the bastards! Certainly everyone involved should be on the lookout for possible problems with racial profiling or abuse of authority. But the latest lawsuit, filed today against Frederick County, Md., Sheriff Chuck Jenkins and a host of other defendants, looks more like a public relations stunt and last-ditch attempt to avoid deportation than a serious legal challenge.

Heisting HIAS: The Deracination of a Communal Organization

In a recent article in the Jewish weekly newspaper Forward, "HIAS Still Aids immigrants, but Most Don't Resemble Sergey Brin," Gal Beckerman describes the metamorphosis in the historical mission of the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society: "HIAS has moved beyond its narrow focus on Jewish refugees alone and refashioned itself into a defender of immigration rights." (Sergey Brin is the Russian-Jewish immigrant billionaire who co-founded Google and recently contributed a million dollars to HIAS.) With the notable omis

The Fraudulent Ecclesiastical Mandate of Sen. Schumer's Religious Allies

In a blatant display of the partisan card stacking which routinely debases the intellectual and ethical currency of Congressional hearings on "immigration reform," Sen. Charles Schumer (D, NY) last month chaired a session of the Senate Judiciary Committee's Subcommittee on Immigration, Refugees, and Border Security titled "Comprehensive Immigration Reform: Faith-Based Perspectives." Even a fig leaf of balance was missing; the minority wasn't allowed its fractional quotient of witnesses.

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The Elections and Immigration Policy

When you look at the November election returns as they impact immigration policy, the results are not just apples and oranges, they are: one apple, two oranges – and in the distant Western Pacific, a split coconut.

Nancy Pelosi Owes Joe Wilson an Apology

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi is apparently the one being dishonest now, and she owes Congressman Joe Wilson an apology. The health reform bill she’s bringing to the House floor Saturday, H.R. 3962, rewards illegal aliens with taxpayer-funded health benefits.

Election Night Blues

Once upon a time long ago in America, when I was young and predisposed to assume the essential integrity of our most basic political practices – voting first and foremost – going to the polls was an exhilarating experience. Even dissatisfaction with the choices between or among candidates didn't lessen the emotion. It was a solemn, moving occasion.

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