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Sanctuary Cities Succumb to Blackmail

"Jailed illegal immigrants pose policy dilemma" reads the Los Angeles Times headline.The policy dilemma that sanctuary cities face is self-imposed. Simply put, the dilemma is: Do they support and help uphold all of the laws of the United States, including its immigration laws, and turn illegal aliens who have been jailed over to the federal authorities for deportation, or do they ignore immigration laws and release illegal alien criminals back into the community in order to maintain good relations with the illegal-alien community?

One Slice at a Time on Amnesty?

As the name suggests, supporters of “comprehensive immigration reform” have long resisted the mere suggestion that they should try a piecemeal approach and pursue smaller, less politically toxic amnesties. About a year ago, I was on a panel with Frank Sharry of America’s Voice, one of the chief pro-amnesty activists, and Esther Olavarria, the policy director for DHS who used to be Kennedy’s immigration person.

Is There a General Right to Immigrate to the U.S.?

Recently, Arizona's Gov. Jan Brewer signed State Senate Bill 1070 into law, the strongest effort yet, at the state level, to reduce illegal immigration. Clearly, with the highest numbers of illegal border crossings in the country and many hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants in the state, Arizonans are fed up with the status quo. They want immigration laws enforced and they want them enforced now, not five or ten years down the line, maybe.

Voluntary Interior Repatriation in Mexico a Good Idea – in Miniature

Sending Mexican nationals apprehended at the border back to the interior of Mexico is, of course, a good idea. It puts them back in, or at least near, their home communities, which presumably discourages, but does not eliminate, further attempts to cross the border illegally.Routinely, Mexican nationals caught near the border are simply taken back to the nearest port of entry, and released into Mexico, where they are free to try to cross again the next night.

Jewish Establishment Censorship of Information on Immigration Policy

It surely comes as no surprise to any one capable of recognizing a push poll that the American-Jewish establishment, employing ones sponsored by the American Jewish Committee (AJC), has, for years, faked data regarding American-Jewish attitudes to immigration and immigration policy – very seriously misrepresenting the true state of opinion among American Jews. The establishment's goals are obvious: maintaining an illusion of communal consensus and, even more importantly, conveying a false impression to lawmakers on Capitol Hill.

Fetch Me My Food Stamps, Jeeves!

James R. Edwards Jr.'s recent blog on the nation's self-inflicted conflict between fighting poverty, on one hand, and importing it through an Open Doors immigration policy on the other, reminded me of a ludicrous extreme of this internal tension.

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