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Who Will Reform the Reformers?

I read Sen. Reid's call to address the "challenge of fixing our broken immigration system" with great amusement.Sen. Reid correctly notes that, "We have to replace this broken system with one that works."The paradox, one that I have noted here previously, is that fixing the immigration system must be done by the same folks that broke it in the first place: Congress.

Refugee Resettlement Under Review

A non-profit nation of hundreds of taxpayer funded 501(c)(3)s has grown up around refugee resettlement in the U.S. A recent government-sponsored study finds "U.S. resettlement communities are awash with ECBOs that exist in name only but provide little meaningful assistance." ("Practitioner Lessons from Ethnic Community Self-Help Programs," ISED Solutions, August 2009) Some of the ECBOs (Ethnic Community Based Organizations) apparently exist only to bring in grants and contracts for themselves.

Court Rejects Chutzpah, Ejects Illegal Alien, But it Takes 10 Years

Sometimes it is useful to review one of those legal battles in which a clearly illegal alien delays his well-deserved deportation – in this case, for nearly 10 full years.In many instances, of course, a not-so-deserving alien never leaves.The alien in this case is named Paulin Shabaj; he is a citizen of Albania. Here's his story:

287(g) Gossip

Sources inside and outside ICE report that Suzie Barr, the Napolitano crony who is now ICE Chief of Staff, has chosen the controversial former Houston Police Chief Harold Hurtt to head up ICE's Office of State and Local Cooperation, pending completion of the background check. This is an interesting pick, because Hurtt is well-known as an outspoken critic of ICE/local partnerships who kept Houston as a sanctuary city, even as several of his officers lost their lives to illegal alien criminals who cycled repeatedly in and out of HPD custody without being reported to ICE.

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GOP Convention Deals Blow to Utah's Illegal Immigration Advocates

Utah's Republican Party conventions have not been good to elected officials who have consistently sided with the advocates for illegal aliens.U.S. Sen. Robert Bennett and two senior state legislators were denied the opportunity to even run for the seats they currently hold. Two state legislators with spotty records on immigration-related issues were forced into primary election contests and four other legislators whom illegal aliens counted as friends retired from the Utah House of Representatives.

Goodbye Bob Bennett

For those of us who support the principle that American citizenship should have value and that American workers should not be replaced by foreign workers in their own country, good news came on Saturday: Sen. Bob Bennett has lost his re-nomination fight in Utah.

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