Transactional Records Access Clearinghouse (TRAC)

"TRAC is neither a restrictionist organization, nor a new entity, nor an ideological one, nor a minor player. It is a well-established clearinghouse funded by, among others, the Ford Foundation. It has been publishing detailed data on the immigration enforcement process (as well as other federal government functions) for years, and that data has proved very valuable to scholars and immigration lawyers alike."

- David North, CIS Fellow

[T]he American public, and not a few think tanks and academicians, owe a debt of gratitude to TRAC for shining a light on otherwise unavailable information on the activities of our government in a wide range of agencies, including the federal courts, FBI, IRS, DEA, ATF and, not least, those Homeland Security agencies that administer and enforce our immigration and citizenship laws.

- Dan Cadman, CIS Fellow