An Interview with Mickey Kaus

By Mickey Kaus, Bryan Griffith, and Mark Krikorian on August 1, 2013


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Political journalist and “neoliberal” blogger Mickey Kaus tells the Center for Immigration Studies how the Democrats’ immigration stance is at odds with the essential goal of promoting social equality among all Americans.

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An Introduction to Mickey Kaus


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Welfare Policy vs. Immigration Policy


Mickey Kaus, blogger at, discusses the similarities and differences between past welfare reform debates and the current immigration reform debate. In particular, he sees similarities in the “intellectual sloppiness” of the pro-welfare and pro-mass-immigration arguments.


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Where are the Democrats?


Mickey Kaus, blogger at, asks, “Where are the Democrats who use to be for controlling illegal immigration?” He discusses how the permissive stance towards mass immigration negatively impacts the constituents of liberal politicians as well as their other policy goals.


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Black Leaders and Immigration Policy


Mickey Kaus, blogger at, wonders how the black leadership has been co-opted by mass immigration activists. He considers the effect of immigration policy on the African American community, discusses past leadership on the issue, and missed opportunities by current leaders.


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The Key to Presidential Victories?


Mickey Kaus, blogger at, laments the Democratic party's crude political drive and its affect on their immigration policy stance. Additionally he explains how the political landscape has changed due to the focus on ethnic voting blocs.


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Immigration Policy and Social Equality


Mickey Kaus, blogger at, explains how mass immigration hurts efforts to achieve social equality among Americans.


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