State Map: Number of Immigrants and Their Minor Children

By Steven A. Camarota, Karen Zeigler, and Bryan Griffith on March 28, 2016
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The Center recently released an analysis of December 2015 government data indicating that more than 61 million immigrants and their American-born children under age 18 now live in the United States. The numbers represent a complete break with the recent history of the United States. As recently as 1970, there were only 13.5 million immigrants and their young children in the country, accounting for one in 15 U.S. residents.

CIS has produced two interactive maps from the report, creating a state level graphic of the number of immigrants by share in the years 1970, 2000, and 2010 as well as a state level growth of immigrants and their minor children.

By State: Share of Immigrants and Their Minor Children

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1970 - 2000 - 2015



By State: Percent Growth of Immigrants and Their Minor Children 1970 to 2015

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These numbers raise profound questions that are seldom asked: What number of immigrants can be assimilated? What is the absorption capacity of our nation's schools, health care system, infrastructure, and, perhaps most importantly, its labor market?