Using Disaster to 'Transform' Just a Little Bit More of America

By Dan Cadman on August 31, 2016

After the devastating floods in Louisiana (including large areas around the state capital of Baton Rouge), the Obama administration offended Louisianans, rich and poor, of all races, when its favorite political arm, the Department of Justice (DOJ), sent out a message warning them not to exercise racial bias in their clean-up efforts.

The flooding claimed several lives and videos surfaced in the media showing Louisianans helping Louisianans — clearly no bias on display, just courageous neighbors helping one another out of desperate situations.

During all of this, the president was golfing in tony Martha's Vineyard, playground of the wealthy, which infuriated Louisianans.

When I saw the DOJ message, I understood it as thinly veiled code suggesting that the federal government would ignore, with a wink-and-a-nod, the use of illegal alien labor in the clean-up efforts. This would not be a stretched interpretation; a similar scenario played out after Hurricane Katrina struck New Orleans several years ago, taking the city to its knees.

Something along those lines must also have been on the official mind when the president finally did work his way down to Baton Rouge after his vacation was over. The Los Angeles Times quoted him this way:

"Nobody on this block, none of those first responders — nobody gives a hoot whether you're a Democrat or a Republican," Obama said during his tour. "What they care about is making sure they're getting the drywall out, the carpet out, there's not any mold building, they get some contractors in here and they start rebuilding as quick as possible."

Apparently I wasn't the only one to crack the DOJ code. is reporting on a couple of local politicians who hired a bus full of illegal workers in Arkansas to travel down to Louisiana to work on post-flooding clean-up. Unfortunately, the bus was being driven by an illegal alien with no license. He crashed the bus into a group of firefighters responding to a prior vehicle wreck, killing two of them.

Although this incident made the news because of the tragic circumstances, you can bet that right now there are lots of buses of mostly unskilled illegal alien laborers pouring into Louisiana from the surrounding states, most probably rounded up by greedy profiteers who smell the chance to make a buck using cheap, off-the-books work crews while the federal government turns a blind eye.

What I wouldn't give to have been a fly on the wall at the Louisiana ICE and Border Patrol offices while agents got their verbal instructions to "stand down" on policing the incoming wave, because there's almost no doubt in my mind that's what they've been told.

As to the dead firefighters? Sad, but collateral damage from the cold calculus of an amoral administration that always reflexively thinks — first, last, and in between — about politics, optics, and "transformational" opportunities to open the door to more illegal aliens every chance it gets, not about human tragedies and natural disasters.