Outsourcers Help Tech Firms Keep Up Appearance of High H-1B Salaries

When a baseball player sees a teammate hit a bases-loaded, game-winning home run he experiences two emotions — elation for the team, and a whiff of jealousy that he did not get those four RBIs and all that applause. Well, South Carolina lawyer Geoffrey Rhodes, someone I had never heard of, has just pulled off a similar feat in the H-1B field, and I am frankly envious.

Accounting Firms Want to Join a Subsidy Program for Cheap Foreign Workers

It's a typically incomplete (or maybe biased) story about an industry wanting to hire, at virtually hidden cut-rates, skilled foreign workers when there is a surplus of American workers. This time it is the accounting industry making the usual argument that they need more workers than they can find in the United States, and all they want is an ever-so-slight change in the rules to give them these workers at a discount of 7.65 percent from what they would have to pay U.S. workers. (Of course, they never mention the subsidy.)

Labor Dept. Vows to "Aggressively Confront Visa Program Fraud"

The U.S. Department of Labor has issued a press release promising to fight fraud in the foreign worker programs that it helps to administer.These are the H programs for H-1B (skilled workers), H-2A (farm workers), and H-2B (non-farm, non-skilled workers)."We will enforce vigorously those laws, including heightened use of criminal referrals," said new Secretary of Labor Alexander Acosta in the press release.

Thousands of Troubled Former Teens Are Using Up Scarce EB-4 Visas

There is an exploding number of young people getting green cards because they have a particular attribute — they are, in the words of the Department of Homeland Security, "juvenile court dependents". That is how they are described in the Yearbook of Immigration Statistics (Table 7). These aliens do not get anything as minimal as the DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) benefits; they obtain full permanent resident alien status; complete with instant legal Social Security numbers, and three to five years later, the opportunity to become naturalized citizens. It also gives them the opportunity to start filing DHS petitions on behalf of their relatives — the term is chain migration.

How About E-Verifying Tax Refund Recipients?

The Trump administration is said to be thinking about illegal aliens and Social Security. Let's hope the focus of the new people is not on Social Security beneficiaries, as benefits are not supposed to be paid to those without legal status, anyway. This part of the system may not be enforced with zest, but the rules are in place. Clearly such systems could, and should, be tightened.
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A First Small Step Toward Fixing H-1B

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services has done the right thing, substantively, regarding the dubious colleges that still haunt our immigration system, and it did so with what might be called bureaucratic elegance — and I mean that as a compliment. As usual, in Washington, the move is complicated and the thrust of the decision may well get lost as it seems, at first glance, to be specialized, narrow, and lacking in drama. There is no wall, no billions of dollars, no mass deportations. All of that is true, but to a policy wonk like me, the USCIS decision is a thing of beauty.

Another Group of Exploited Alien Workers Is Heard From – the Au Pairs

It's bad enough when foreign workers are exploited in bunches, as they are through farmworker visas and (at a higher wage level) the H-1B program, but think of the exploitation possibilities when a one young person from another country is working as the lone servant in an American household. She has little contact outside the family that employs her and generally knows little about our (not very strong) worker protection laws, but does know that if she upsets the family, she will be put on the first plane back to the homeland. Welcome to the State Department's au pair program!