Video: DC March for Jobs

By CIS on July 16, 2013

The Black American Leadership Alliance (BALA) organized the the DC March for Jobs, which was held on July 15, along with community leaders of all races from around the country. The march was organized in an attempt to stop Congress’ amnesty push, enforce immigration laws as written, and support policies that put black U.S. citizens back to work. The following videos are of the speakers from the event.

Table of Contents


Rev. O'Neil Dozier



Rep. Mo Brooks



Sen. Jeff Sessions



Rep. Steve King



Introduction to the Black American Leadership Alliance



Col. Allen Bernard West



Frank Morris



Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson



Kevin Jackson



Dennis Michael Lynch



Roy Beck



Michael Cutler



Sen. Elbert Guillory



Luis Pozzolo



K. Carl Smith



Ted Hayes



Katrina Pierson



Sen. Ted Cruz