Video: The Conveyor Belt that Speeds Illegal Border-Crossers into the U.S.

By Todd Bensman and Bryan Griffith on June 7, 2022

Carve-outs and loopholes in Title 42, the public health rule used to expel illegal border-crossers, are keeping the international traffic at America’s southern border roaring. Todd Bensman, the Center’s senior national security fellow, reports that Title 42 is only being applied to those from Mexico and the Northern Triangle countries of Central America, with others – from the Caribbean, South America, Europe, Africa, and the Middle East – being let in. In the attached video, he provides a rare glimpse of how the well-oiled conveyor belt speeds illegal border-crossers into the U.S. by bus and airplane. The conveyor belt is gaining speed and capacity, thanks in part to the aid migrants receive from non-profit organizations.

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