2023 Border Tour Videos


By Mark Krikorian on March 30, 2023

The Center for Immigration Studies 2023 Border Tour is currently taking place from the Pacific to Yuma, Arizona. Members of the tour meet with border residents, receive briefings from Border Patrol, local law enforcement, farmers, politicians, and activists, as well as visit immigration related points of interest. As the tour progresses, we will post short videos with Mark Krikorian, the Center's Executive Director, highlighting some of these experiences.

Read a Detailed Description of the 2023 Border Tour


Mark Krikorian near Yuma, AZ discussing the processing of illegal entrants at the border.


Mark Krikorian visits migrant shelter in Mexicali, Mexico.


Mark Krikorian finds discarded items along border in Yuma, AZ.


Mark Krikorian discusses unfinished border wall construction in Yuma, AZ.


Mark Krikorian celebrates Cesar Chavez's Birthday and National Border Control Day.


Mark Krikorian explains the use of floating border fences in the California desert.