President Will Ignore Democratic Process and Amnesty 5 Million

By Jessica M. Vaughan on November 13, 2014

The executive actions reportedly planned by President Obama, as outlined by Fox News, are shocking in their scope and disregard for the well-being of Americans, not to mention their contempt for the democratic process and the wishes of the public. It is not an overhaul of immigration policy, or a set of reforms, but a dismemberment of immigration law.

Amnesty for five million illegal aliens will impose an enormous fiscal burden on American communities, and close off job opportunities for Americans and legal immigrants – even as more than four million people who have been legally sponsored by U.S. citizens and employers and are waiting their turn will be relegated to the back of the processing line.

This amnesty will cost taxpayers literally billions of dollars a year in additional outlays for services. Judging by the way the last executive amnesty, the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals for the so-called "Dreamers," was carried out, we can expect that almost no illegal alien who applies will be disqualified, and that criminal records, fraud, gang associations, and dependence on social services will be excused or ignored in favor of rubber-stamping approvals.

In addition, the president is proposing to admit 500,000 technology workers and their families, despite a shortage of jobs and wage stagnation in this sector. This move is a gift to greedy tech companies who want to bypass American workers in favor of cheaper and more exploitable (not better educated, more skilled, or more creative) workers from abroad.

Not only is the president rewarding a huge share of those who have taken advantage of our unsecured borders over the years, he is also planning to gut enforcement even further by canceling Secure Communities, one of the most successful enforcement programs ever, whose purpose was to identify illegal aliens who have been arrested for committing crimes – a group that everyone agrees should be a priority for enforcement.

The president's gradual, calculated dismantling of our immigration system has caused morale to plummet in the agencies of the Department of Homeland Security. Career immigration officials have courageously objected in public, and sometimes resorted to lawsuits to draw attention to the administration's subversion of the law. In denial about their principled objections to his scheme, now the president is hoping to stifle their voices by offering them a pay increase as part of this outrageous plan. His assumption that they are motivated by money shows just how little respect he has for the men and women who have devoted their careers to public service in immigration.

Congress should waste no time drawing up legislation to withhold funding from the administration to carry out any of these actions, and prepare to impose strict constraints on further abuse of presidential authority.