The Life of Julia, Amnesty Applicant

By Jon Feere on June 25, 2013

In May 2012, the Obama re-election campaign released a slideshow titled, "The Life of Julia" which promoted the idea that government programs and President Obama's agenda items were critical to the success of a hypothetical female named Julia. The campaign effort received a lot of criticism from both conservatives and liberals and led to many parodies. The original version was quickly taken down after the election.

We created a new version that asks one question: What would the Schumer-Rubio amnesty bill look like from the perspective of an illegal alien named Julia? Click below to find out:


Slide 1: Life of Julia


Slide 1: Life of Julia
Slide 2: Julia Applies for Amnesty
Slide 3: Julia Gets a Background Check
Slide 4: Julia Skips Back Taxes
Slide 5: Julia Protected in Court
Slide 6: Julia's Deported Friends Return
Slide 7: Julia Receives a Greencard
Slide 8: Julia Retires
Slide 9: End