Immigration-Related Dissertations, 2000

By CIS on October 1, 2001

As part of its mission to examine and critique American immigration policy, the Center for Immigration Studies serves as a resource for policymakers, journalists, academics, and others looking for the latest immigration research and news. Through its e-mail news services (CISNEWS and This Week in Immigration), papers, books, and a Backgrounder series, the Center strives to provide in-depth coverage of this complicated issue. The very vastness of the topic, however, means that those involved in one facet of the issue can’t keep up with developments elsewhere. In order to make the task less daunting, the Center continues its annual compilation of doctoral dissertations (plus a few master’s theses) exploring some aspect of immigration; this issue lists those completed in 2000. Abstracts of the dissertations listed below can be viewed free of charge through the end of this year (and complete copies obtained for a fee) from ProQuest Digital Dissertations at

For ease of use, this list is organized into categories: Policy/Politics, Migration Process/Networks, Economics/Labor, Acculturation, Ethnicity, Language, Education/Schools, Women/Families, Health, Religion, History, Canada, and Overseas However, the categories are necessarily subjective and some items could as easily have been listed under a different heading. Therefore, those interested in a particular topic might nonetheless want to peruse the entire list.


The forging of a Caribbean ethnic identity in New York City politics
by Archer, Carol Dean, PhD
City University of New York

Shaping the public sphere: Journalistic fields and immigration debates in the United States and France, 1973-1994
by Benson, Rodney Dean, PhD
University of California, Berkeley

Uncertain frontiers: Asian immigration and United States citizenship in the age of expansion
by Cushman, Mark Viktor, PhD
Johns Hopkins University

An unguarded gate: The U.S.-Mexico border in the national imagination
by Demo, Anne Teresa, PhD
Pennsylvania State University

Ethnicity, immigration, and homicide on the border: A comparison of El Paso, Miami, and San Diego (1985-1995)
by Lee, Matthew Todd, PhD
University of Delaware

The constitution of Asian America
by Lwin, Sanda Mayzaw, PhD
Columbia University

Immigration and education legislation and its effects on policies relating to undocumented immigrant children
by Raska, Rose Alvine, PhD
University of Florida

Republican surveillance: Immigration, citizenship, and the police in interwar Paris (France)
by Rosenberg, Clifford D., PhD
Princeton University, 2000

At home and abroad: The foreign and domestic sources of United States immigration policy
by Rosenblum, Marc Ravel, PhD
University of California, San Diego

Migration Process/Networks

Perceptions and memories of Latino adolescents separated in childhood due to piecemeal patterns of immigration
by Artico, Ceres Ildebrando, PhD
George Mason University

The remittance behavior of Micronesians in Hawaii and Guam: A sociological approach
by Grieco, Elizabeth Mary, PhD
The Florida State University

The causes and consequences of transnational migration: Salvadorans in Los Angeles and Washington D.C.
by Landolt Marticorena, Patricia Andrea, PhD
The Johns Hopkins University

Contested spaces: Representing borders and immigrant identities between the United States and Mexico
by Mains, Susan Pamela, PhD
University of Kentucky


Quantitative studies in labor and public economics: Applications to education finance and immigration
by Garvey, Deborah Lynn, PhD
Princeton University

Essays in labor migration
by Gonzalez Konig, Gabriel Enrique, PhD
Georgetown University

The effects of immigration on the labor market outcomes of United States native workers for 1980—1990: The role of skill level, English-speaking ability, and ethnicity
by Gottschalck, Alfred O., Jr., PhD
University of Delaware

Formal and informal Hispanic labor recruitment: North Carolina communities in transition
by Johnson-Webb, Karen Denise, PhD
The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Outsourcing the hearth: Immigration and the strategic allocation of labor in American families
by Kaufman, Kathy Ann, PhD
Columbia University

Three essays on political economy and international trade
by Lai, Far-tsair, PhD
The Louisiana State University and Agricultural and Mechanical College

Essays on international labor migration and skill acquisitions
by Leelawath, Watcharas, PhD
University of Kansas, 2000

Public choice perspectives on current issues in international economics
by Mertens, William Gregory, PhD
University of Colorado at Boulder

A qualitative analysis of factors that influence the career development of Vietnamese Americans
by Nguyen, ThuHien T., PhD
Southern Illinois University at Carbondale

Conversations across worlds: The experience of immigration of Latina women who are working as professionals in the United States
by Perez, Maria-Jose, PsyD
Massachusetts School of Professional Psychology

Country of origin, date of entry, and English speaking ability as predictors of immigrant AFDC and SSI usage
by Reavis, Rebel Mary, PhD
The Louisiana State University and Agricultural and Mechanical College


The effect of acculturation on career decision-making self-efficacy and the career interests of Cuban American middle school students
by Arnott, Margaret Isabel Cisneros, PhD
The Ohio State University

Artists experiencing immigration: How we view our artistic expression in the context of dramatic change (Carolina Echeverria, Jamila Kavena, Kinga Araya)
by Barabas, Diana,
Maconcordia University (Canada)

East Asians in America: Relationships between ethnic identity, self-construal, mental health, and acculturation patterns in East Asian immigrants in the United States
by Barry, Declan Thomas, PhD
The University of Toledo

The relationship between Spanish-speaking mothers’ acculturation on maternal perception of quality of life
by Benner, Samantha Ann, PsyD
Pepperdine University, 2000

Racial identity, ethnic identity, and acculturation in Korean adoptees
by Bergquist, Kathleen Leilani Ja Sook, PhD
The College of William and Mary

Nomadism, diaspora and deracination in contemporary migrant literatures
by Braziel, Jana Evans, PhD
University of Massachusetts, Amherst

The acculturation gap hypothesis: Implications for the family adjustment of Russian immigrants
by Buchanan, Rebecca Marie, PhD
University of Maryland, College Park

Acculturation, psychological adjustment (stress, depression, self-esteem), and the academic achievement of Jamaican immigrant college students
by Buddington, Steve Apalong, PhD
Tulane University

Career development of ethnic minorities: The effects of ethnic identity and acculturation on perceived career barriers
by Carlo, Alexandra M., PhD
State University of New York at Albany

Acculturation and cultural value orientations of immigrant Chinese Americans: Effects on body image, aesthetics for appearance, and involvement in dress
by Cheng, Ching-Yi, PhD
Iowa State University

The influences of Chinese and Chinese-American students’ cultural worldviews and acculturation levels on preferences toward three psychotherapy approaches
by Cheng, Yun-Ju, PhD
New York University

Cultural and social dimensions of Mexican immigrant women’s attitudes toward alcohol and tobacco messages and advertisements
by Chong, Nilda, DrPH
University of California, Berkeley

Sex, acculturation, and attitudes toward career and family among Asian American college students
by Chopra, Sapna Batra, PhD
University of Maryland, College Park

The role of acculturation in disordered eating attitudes, behaviors, and body image
by Cini, Laura Alison, PhD
St. John’s University (New York)

Correlates of Asian American college students’ career aspirations: Generational status, self-reports, and parental-reports on acculturation and perceived prejudice
by Corey, Amy Tiongson, PhD
The University of Nebraska, Lincoln

Ethnic identity and acculturation: Psychosocial correlates of drug use and other risk behaviors among Mexican American adolescents
by Coutts, Sanji Marissa, PhD
California School of Professional Psychology, Berkeley/Alameda

Repositioned lives: Language, ethnicity, and narrative identity among Chinese-Vietnamese community college students in Los Angeles’ San Gabriel Valley (California)
by Frank, Russell Alan, PhD
University of California, Los Angeles

The meanings of immigration for first- and second-generation Asian Indian immigrants: Generation, intergeneration, and gender
by Gates, Raksha Dave, PhD
University of Minesota

The determinants of acculturation: How immigrants adapt
by Goldmann, Gustave Joseph, PhD
Carleton University (Canada)

Attachment styles, acculturation attitudes/behaviors, and stress among Chinese Indonesian immigrants in the United States
by Handojo, Virgo, PhD
Fuller Theological Seminary

The effects of new citizenship status on Latino older adults’ identity and self-esteem
by Hernandez, Mercedes, MSW
California State University, Long Beach

The measurement of cognitive change resulting from acculturation in Latinos
by Hsia, Curtis Chia-Ying, PhD
Hofstra University

The promised land: Socioeconomic adjustment of the Hmong in Milwaukee, 1976—2000
by Lo, Fungchatou (Laotou) T., PhD
The University of Wisconsin

A tale of two cultures: The effects of cultural involvement on the adjustment of older adult immigrants from the former Union of Soviet Socialist Republics
by Lyubansky, Mikhail, PhD
Michigan State University

Acculturation and ethnic identity measures for Latinos and Asian Americans: Analyses of methodology and psychometrics
by Maestas, Michael V., PhD
The University of Nebraska, Lincoln

Testing an ecological model of acculturation: The role of cultural fit, competence and belongingness as links to the acculturation and adjustment of Vietnamese and Mexican adolescents
by Nguyen, Huong H., PhD
Michigan State University

Surviving the crossing: (Im)migration, ethnicity and gender in trans-national America (Willa Cather, Gertrude Stein, Nella Larsen)
by Rabin, Jessica G., PhD
Emory University, 2000

Social communication theory and cross-cultural education: An ethnographic study of migrant Hispanic students in Aiken, South Carolina
by Reel, Stephen Gregory, PhD
University of South Carolina

Examining standardized and psychometric potential assessment and acculturation of Jamaican immigrant children
by Reid, Grace Alwen, PhD
Howard University

The demographics of Mexican American assimilation
by Rosenfeld, Michael John, PhD
The University of Chicago

Seasons of migrations to the North: A study of biographies and narrative identities in United States-Mexican and Swedish-Chilean return movements
by Tollefsen Altamirano, Aina, PhD
Umea Universitet (Sweden) 2000

The trade in women: ‘White slavery’ and the French nation, 1899-1939
by Watson, Molly McGregor, PhD
Stanford University


Creating ethnic places: Vietnamese American community-building in Orange County and Boston (California, Massachusetts)
by Aguilar-San Juan, Karin, PhD
Brown University, 2000

The lived experience of Bosnian refugees who have suffered as a result of genocide
by Animalia, Gazelle Raven, MSN
Grand Valley State University

Brazilians in Los Angeles: Imperialism, immigration, and social class (California)
by Beserra, Bernadete Ramos, PhD
University of California, Riverside

My body in Miami, my soul in Haiti: Understanding the adolescent who is Haitian
by Colin, Jessie Marie, PhD
Adelphi University

Race, ethnicity, and mass media: Identities and concerns about reputation among Chesapeake-area West Indians
by Du Bois, Christine Madeleine, PhD
The Johns Hopkins University

Alienation and immigration experiences: Soviet Jews in the United States
by Fridman, Maina, PhD
Yeshiva University

Immigrants, citizens, and diasporas: Enacting identities in an Arab-American cultural organization
by Hay, Kellie Denise, PhD
The Ohio State University

Migration and culture: Vietnamese communities in Oakland, California
by Hosokawa, Ai, MA
California Institute of Integral Studies

The experience of Bosnian refugees living in the United States
by Keyes, Emily Fay, PhD
University of Virginia, 2000

The ethnic teaches back: Identity formation and academic status of foreign-born women academics in the United States
by Skachkova, Penka Stoyanova, PhD
State University of New York at Buffalo

Matryoshki in two worlds: Enduring oppression, expanding dreams
by Sundre, Sharon Kay, PhD
University of Minnesota

The Vietnamese elderly refugees’ experience in America
by Tran, Thanh Dac, MASAN
Jose State University


Living in translation: Language and Italian immigrants in the United States, 1890-1945
by Carnevale, Nancy C., PhD
Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey-New Brunswick

The effects of bilingual education on self-esteem and ethnic identity in Mexican children
by Castro, Laura Marie, PsyD
The Wright Institute

Valuing English: An ethnography of a federal language training program for adult immigrants
by Cleghorn, Laura Jane, MA
University of Toronto (Canada)

An exploration of transformative intercultural and intracultural interaction among middle-school students of a dual-language Spanish/English class
by Conrad, Timothy R., PhD
Indiana University of Pennsylvania

Competing goals, competing discourses: ESL composition at the community college
by Curry, Mary Jane, PhD
The University of Wisconsin, Madison

Predictors of English acquisition in Spanish-speaking children in bilingual and ESL classes
by Fields, Jennifer Mara, PsyD
Pace University

The second migration: A qualitative study of immigrant students negotiating an ESL class at a traditional secondary school
by Fleming, Denise Marie, PhD
University of California, Berkeley

Just enough: A description of instruction at a volunteer-based adult English as a second language program
by Gilbertson, Stephanie A., EdD
University of Cincinnati

The role of abstract lexical structure in first language attrition: Germans in America
by Gross, Steven, PhD
University of South Carolina

Theory and practice: Toward a more effective means of teaching English as a Second Language to the ‘hard to teach’ (English as a second language, Second language acquisition, Refugees, Adult learners)
by Luther, Barbara Joan, MA
California State University, Fullerton

Latin American immigrants’ perception of discrimination and acquisition of English as a second language as a result of using a community social support center
by McFarland, Holly Day, MS
Utah State University

Language attitudes of Kurdish refugee girls
by Schwepler, Lori Michelle Dejmal, MA
The University of Texas at Arlington


Learning preference and Mexican American students: Considering the significance of acculturation, socioeconomic status, and academic performance
by Adams, Aida Medina, PhD
Texas Tech University

The California Verbal Learning Test: A learning and memory test for the Spanish-speaking population
by Amaya-Williams, Marina, PhD
The University of New Mexico

Acculturation, school attitudes, and academic success in urban Massachusetts Latino bilingual high school students classified as involuntary or voluntary minorities
by Ammendolia, Maura Anne Sullivan
(Degree and college missing)

The satisfaction level of Afghan refugee students with student services at a San Francisco Bay Area college (California)
by Bernard, JoAnn Rosi, MS
California State University

A qualitative case study of academic achievement and sociocultural adjustment of Mexican American high school females
by Bosque, Vivian Aleni, EdD
University of Houston

New lives new freedoms: The identity formation of Vietnamese youth in an American high school
by Centrie, Craig Gerard-Francois, PhD
State University of New York at Buffalo

Mexican American parenting behaviors that support student success: Bridging the dissonance between school expectations and cultural values
by Estrada, Victoria Luz, EdD
University of La Verne

Navigating the schoolyard: Refugee children’s construction of identity in an urban American school
by Greathouse, Laura Dawn, PhD
State University of New York at Binghamton

A study of the relationship between selected independent variables and the success of adult Latina/o students at a four-year institution of higher learning in the Midwest
by Gutierrez, George A., EdD
Northern Illinois University

Easterly winds of change: The education of working-class Asian immigrant students
by Hourahan, Nonilon Santos, EdD
Fordham University

A comparative analysis of multicultural education in Australia, Singapore, and the United States
by Parsley, Audrey L., PhD
Loyola University of Chicago

Adjustment and counseling program within a Dade County public school to aid the non-English speaking Hispanic adult immigrants (Florida)
by Santos, Gerardo, PsyD
Carlos Albizu University

From ‘yellow peril’ to ‘model minority’: The educational history of Chinese Americans, 1850-1990
by Yi, Haining, PhD
Columbia University


Interracial marriage: The analysis of individual and structural determinants
by Anooshehpoor, Khadijeh, PhD
Arizona State University

Listening to well-educated Chinese immigrant families: The parents’ perceptions of family resilience
by Chang, Hung Hsiu, PhD
Texas Woman’s University

Repositioning twentieth-century migrant women: Gender and nation in literary transnationalism
by Faymonville, Carmen, PhD
Loyola Univeristy of Chicago

Ethnic and social class similarities and differences in mothers’ beliefs about kindergarten preparation and kindergarten goals
by Harding, Nancy N., PhD
Univeristy of California, Los Angeles

The onset of sexual intercourse in Asian American and Latino(a) adolescents: The role of childbearing attitudes
by Labasan, L. Maile, PhD
Pacific Graduate School of Psychology

A new voice: Korean-American women’s attitude towards sport
by Lee, Yomee , PhD
The Ohio State University, 2000

Korean child-rearing practices in the United States: An ethnographic study of Korean immigrants in the cultural transition
by Lee, Yoon Sun, EdD
University of San Francisco

The role of the immigrant family in 2nd generation educational outcomes: The Chinese American case
by Louie, Vivian Shuh Ming, PhD
Yale University

Tevye’s daughters: Jewish experience and women’s identity in the United States
by Miller, Martha Gimpel, PhD
The University of North Carolina at Greensboro

Acculturation and marital stability among Nigerian immigrant couples in the United States
by Nwaorgu, Anselm Ibeawuchi, PhD
Seton Hall University

Measuring the impact of the loss of the Marianista gender role in Hispanic females as they acculturate
by Orlandini, Elsa Maria, PsyD
Carlos Albizu University

Associations between parenting, acculturation, and adolescent functioning among Chinese families in North America
by Skinner, Kevin B., PhD
Brigham Young University

Late-life expectations of Okinawan wives of United States servicemen
by Yamazato, Mamiko, MSW
California State University, Long Beach


Tobacco policy attitudes, smoking health-risk knowledge, and smoking behavior in acculturating Latinos
by Apodaca, Jose Xavier, PhD
University of California, San Diego

Suicide in context: Elderly Chinese female suicide in San Francisco from 1987 through 1996
by Barron, Steven Lee, PhD
Pacific Graduate School of Psychology

The stressors and coping strategies of Vietnamese youth
by Chen, Jocelyn P., PhD
University of Arkansas

Acculturation and method bias in reporting of psychological symptoms among first-generation Korean Americans
by Choi, Steven Jin, PhD
St. John’s University, New York

Prevalence and predictors of adolescent depression in a multiethnic sample
by Elledge, Margery Dee, MA
University of the Pacific

The relationship of acculturation and social support to birth outcomes of pregnant Mexican-American adolescents
by Garcia, Enriqueta, MSN
The University of Texas, Pan American

Assimilating to diversity: The fertility of foreign-born and native-born women in the United States
by Glusker, Ann Isobel, PhD
University of Washington

Assessing depression in Mexican-American women: A Rorschach study
by Heckman, James Coleman, PsyD
Our Lady of the Lake University

Acculturation influences in the development of disordered eating behaviors and body image in Asian-American female adolescents
by Hung, Juliet W., PhD
California School of Professional Psychology, Los Angeles

Activating ethnicity: An anthropological study of aging among Japanese immigrants in the United States
by Kanamoto, Itsuko, PhD
University of Oregon

Psychology of the refugee, the immigrant and their children: Development of a conceptual framework and application to psychotherapeutic and related support work
by Kristal-Andersson, Binnie, PhD
Lunds Universitet (Sweden)

Ethnic identity and risky sexual behavior of Asian American women: Implications for the prevention of HIV infection
by Lee, Ann Eun, PhD
California School of Professional Psychology, Los Angeles

Illness experience of Chinese immigrants with chronic fatigue and weakness
by Lee, Nong Foon Ruth, PhD
University of Toronto (Canada)

Psychosocial correlates of fat-related dietary behavior in Chinese immigrants by degree of acculturation
by Liou, Doreen, EdD
Columbia University Teachers College

The relationship of level of acculturation and marital satisfaction to depression among Mexican American women
by Medina, Nydia Maritza, PhD
California School of Professional Psychology, Berkeley/Alameda

The factors influencing the practice of breast cancer screening among Korean-American women
by Park, SoonBok Esther, PhD
Virginia Commonwealth University

Design of a residential treatment program for Hispanic victims of domestic abuse using an ecological approach for intervention
by Rivera, Brenda Iris, PsyD
Carlos Albizu University

Social interest assessment with Japanese and Nisei populations
by Sera, Hideko, PsyD
Adler School of Professional Psychology

Fox or hedgehog: Alternative approaches to children affected by war or forced migration
by Tolfree, David Kenneth, PhD
University of Southampton (United Kingdom)

Exploring the protection and risk factors of cigarette smoking among Chinese or Chinese-American adolescents in the state of California
by Wong, Shiu Shing, PhD
University of California


Bohemian justice: The path of the law in immigrant New York, 1870-1940
by Anthes, Louis Christian, PhD
New York University

Building the beloved community: Philadelphia’s interracial civil rights organizations and race relations, 1930-1970
by Arnold, Stanley Keith, PhD
Temple University

Rice bowls and resistance: Cultural persistence at the Manzanar War Relocation Center, California, 1942-1945
by Branton, Nicole Louise,
Mathe University of Arizona

The West and the displaced, 1945-1951: The post-war roots of political refugees
by Cohen, Daniel Gerard, PhD
New York University

Negotiating identity in the context of diaspora, dispersion and reunion: The Bukharan Jews and Jewish peoplehood
by Cooper, Alanna Esther, PhD
Boston University

In the age of exclusion: Race, religion and Chinese identity in the making of the Arizona-Sonora borderlands, 1863-1943 (Mexico)
by Delgado, Grace Pena, PhD
University of California, Los Angeles

Writing from these roots: Literacy, rhetoric, and history in a Hmong-American community
by Duffy, John Michael, PhD
The University of Wisconsin, Madison

Imaginary lines: Border enforcement and the origins of undocumented immigration, 1882-1930
by Ettinger, Patrick William, PhD
Indiana University

The evolution of ethnicity: Connecticut’s Italians, 1900-1940
by Fierro, Rafaele (Ralph), PhD
The University of Connecticut

The qualities of a citizen: Women, immigration, and citizenship in the United States, 1870-1965
by Gardner, Martha Mabie, PhD
Stanford University

The German nation is a homogeneous nation? Race, the Cold War, and German national identity, 1970-1993
by Greenwald, Rachel Tobey, PhD
University of California, Irvine

Making the Mahjar home: The construction of Syrian ethnicity in the United States, 1870-1930
by Gualtieri, Sarah M. A., PhD
The University of Chicago

Coolies’ and cane: Race, labor, and sugar production in Louisiana, 1852-1877
by Jung, Moon-Ho, PhD
Cornell University

Saving moral ideals in American life, 1890-1916
by Kinnane, Adrian John, PhD
University of Maryland, College Park

Paper families: Identity, immigration administration and Chinese exclusion
by Lau, Estelle T., PhD
The University of Chicago

The melting pot metaphor: Immigration and identity in early twentieth century American discourse
by Miller, Jean Costanza, PhD
University of Maryland, College Park

Not a sweet deal: Mexican migrant workers in the sugar beet farms of the Midwest and Mountain states, 1900-1930
by Montoya, Camila, MA
Michigan State University

Negotiating revolution: Rural workers and labor organizing in southern Chiapas, Mexico, 1880-1950
by Nolan-Ferrell, Catherine Ann, PhD
The University of Texas at Austin

Building citizens: Women, men and the immigration restriction debates, 1890-1929
by Petit, Jeanne Danielle, PhD
University of Notre Dame

Imagined countries: Nationalism and ethnicity in twentieth-century American immigration literature
by Polster, Karen Lynnette, PhD
University of California, Riverside

German immigrants at the Ebenezer settlement in colonial Georgia, 1734-1850: Integration and separatism
by Pyrges, Alexander, MA
Kansas State University

The reconstruction of the Chinese community in New York in the years of the Depression and World War II
by Song, Jingyi, PhD
City University of New York

John Florio and the cultural politics of translation
by Wyatt, Michael William, PhD
Stanford University


Ethnicity, assimilation, and racial formation in Asian American evangelical churches: A case study of a Chinese American and a Korean American congregation
by Alumkal, Antony William, PhD
Princeton University

Protestant-Catholic-Buddhist: Korean Americans and religious adaptation in Greater Boston (Massachusetts)
by Chai, Karen Jung Won, PhD
Harvard University

Breaking down the barriers: A search for a strategic model for Christian reconciliation as salvation for Han Ma-um United Methodist Church
by Chun, Yongho, DMin
Drew University

Corazon y conversion: The dynamics of Mexican immigration, Christian spirituality and human transformation
by Groody, Daniel Gerard, PhD
Graduate Theological Union

Emerging Asian American pan-ethnic congregations: The religious construction of symbolic racial identity
by Jeung, Russell Mark, PhD
University of California, Berkeley

The relationship between differentiation of self and values in Korean immigrant church members in Los Angeles (California)
by Kang, Byung Moon, PhD
Fuller Theological Seminary, School of Psychology

The Chinese churches in the United States of America
by Kwok, Charles King-Wai, DMin
Hartford Seminary

Religious beliefs and socioeconomic aspects of life of Buddhist and Protestant Korean immigrants
by Kwon, Okyun, PhD
City University of New York

From Eid to Eid: A case study of economic and religious adjustment in a multi-ethnic immigrant Muslim congregation
by Ramsey, Charles Magee, MA
Baylor University


Somali immigrants in Ottawa: The causes of their migration and the challenges of resettling in Canada (Ontario)
by Abdulle, Mohamoud H., MA
University of Ottawa (Canada)

Transnational social fields of the Yoruba in Toronto (Ontario)
by Adeyanju, Charles Temitope, MA
University of Guelph (Canada) 2000

Educating the African immigrant child in Canada: A study of how Ghanaian parents negotiate the home-school intersection
by Akoto, William Boakye, EdD
University of Toronto (Canada)

Exile, transnational connections, and the construction of identity: Tibetan immigrants in Montreal
by Gardner, Mary Jane, MA
Concordia University (Canada)

Culture change and the consumption of basic foods: The case of Lebanese-Canadians
by Kastoun, Rony J., MSc
Concordia University (Canada)

Migrants and citizens: Economic crisis in Ghana and the search for opportunity in Toronto, Canada
by Manuh, Takyiwaa, PhD
Indiana University

Making Canadians: Citizenship education and the Manitoba public school curriculum, 1916-1927
by Rempel, Gwen Louise, MA
The University of Manitoba (Canada)


Opening the door? Immigration, ethnicity, and globalization in Japan
by Brody, Betsy Teresa, PhD
University of Notre Dame

Remittances, networks and migration in Hubei Province, China
by Cai, Qian, PhD
Brown University, 2000

Interest group nationalism: Liberalism, democracy, and the politics of minority rights in Europe
by Deets, Stephen Gerard, PhD
University of Maryland, College Park

A Bolivian minority in the Argentine public school system: The influence of sociocultural contexts on schooling
by Feldsberg, Ruth Carina, PhD
University of Illinois at Chicago

Radical right parties in context: Immigration, institutions and parties in Western Europe (France, Germany, Austria)
by Givens, Terri Elizabeth, PhD
University of California, Los Angeles

The poetics of migration: Narrative representations of twentieth-century Jewish immigration to the greater Andean region
by Goldberg, Paul Leon, PhD
The University of New Mexico

Europeans only? Essays on identity politics and the European Union
by Hansen, Peo, PhD
Umea Universitet (Sweden)

Education in places of temporary asylum: The case of Afghan refugees living in Peshawar
by Kakkar, Mariam, MA
Concordia University (Canada)

The past and the future in the present: Kenyan adult immigrants’ stories on orientation and adult education in Sweden
by Kemuma, Joyce, PhD
Uppsala Universitet (Sweden)

Integration as multiculturalism: Immigration and the transformation of citizenship in Germany
by Klopp, Brett, PhD
The University of Chicago

The company of strangers: Immigration and citizenship in interwar Lyon and Marseille
by Lewis, Mary Dewhurst, PhD
New York University, 2000

When diasporas discriminate: Identity choices and anti-immigrant sentiment in the Bahamas
by Lightbourn, Tiffany Jeanell, PhD
University of Michigan

Changing wages and employment by skill in Taiwan, 1978-1996: The roles of education policy, trade, and immigration
by Lin, Chun-Hung Andy, PhD
Iowa State University, 2000

The impact of Gulf War immigration on the growth of a private sector: The information technology (IT) industry in Jordan and the impact of government policies on the sector
by Naser, Kaled A., DSc
The George Washington University

Negotiating asylum: The European Union acquis, extraterritorial protection and the common market of deflection
by Noll, Gregor, JD
Lunds Universitet (Sweden)

Migration, colonization and land policy in the former Mapuche frontier: Malleco, 1850-1900 (Chile)
by Ruiz-Esquide, Andrea, PhD
Columbia University

At the intersection of nations: Diasporic Chinese in Panama and the cultural politics of belonging
by Siu, Lok Chun Debra, PhD
Stanford University, 2000

Pathways abroad: Gender and international labor migration institutions in Northern Thailand
by Sobieszczyk, Teresa Rae, PhD
Cornell University

Swedish immigrant and integration policy. A question of equality, democracy and human rights
by Sodergran, Lena, FD
Umea Universitet (Sweden)

Ethnic community in motion: Japanese-Peruvians in Peru, Japan, and the United States
by Takenaka, Ayumi, PhD
Columbia University, 2000

Women’s struggle and female migration into Japan in the 1980s-1990s
by Watanabe, Satoko, PhD
The University of Texas at Austin

Labor market attainment in a context of mass migration: Soviet Jewish immigrants in Israel
by Weinberg, Nancy, PhD
Standford University

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