Immigration-Related Dissertations, 1997

By CIS on March 1, 1999

As part of its mission to examine and critique American immigration policy, the Center for Immigration Studies serves as a resource for policymakers, journalists, academics, and others looking for the latest immigration research and news. Through its e-mail news service (CISNEWS), papers, books, and this monthly Backgrounder series, the Center strives to provide in-depth coverage of this complicated issue. The very vastness of the topic, however, means that those involved in one facet of the issue can't keep up with developments elsewhere. In order to make the task less daunting, the Center has compiled a list of doctoral dissertations from 1997 exploring some aspect of immigration. A list of 1998 dissertations will be forthcoming later this year

For ease of use, the list is organized into categories: Policy, Economy/Demography, Acculturation/Ethnicity, Language, Education/Schools, Health, Women's Issues, The Elderly, Religion, History, and Non-U.S. Immigration. However, the categories are necessarily subjective: The dissertation entitled "Immigrant Women's Lives: Weaving Garment Work and Legislative Policy" could as easily have been listed under Policy as under Women's Issues. Those interested in a particular topic would therefore be well-advised to peruse the entire list.


The Consequences of Immigration Policy for America's Poor: An Examination of Wages, Public Education, and the Tax Base
By Camarota, Steven Andrew
University of Virginia

The Politics of Immigration: An Analysis of Policy Reform in Congress, 1965-1996
By Wong, Carolyn
University of California, Los Angeles

Refugees and Displaced Persons: InterAgency Coordination
By Pike, Claire
Dalhousie University (Canada)

Rhetorically Constructing the Immigrant: Elite Discourse and Immigration Policy
By Willis, Jennifer Lee
Bowling Green State University

The Role of Institutions in Immigration and Naturalization Policy: A Comparative Study of 10 Advanced Industrialized Countries
By Avci, Gamze
University of Georgia

The Transformation of Refugee Policy: Race, Welfare, and American Political Culture, 1959-1997
By Whorton, Brad
University of Kansas


The Ability of Self-Employment to Support Hispanic Households in the Southwest at a Level Above Poverty
By Zuiker, Virginia Solis
Ohio State University

The Economic and Demographic Effects of Immigration in Los Angeles County: A Sociological and Public Policy Analysis
By Moreno, Manuel Humberto
Univeristy of California, Los Angeles

The Economics of Ethnic Solidarity: Immigrant Ethnic Economics and Labor Market Segmentation in Los Angeles
By Hum, Tarry
University of California, Los Angeles

Estimates of Net Undocumented Migration to California: 1980-1993
By Johnson, Hans Peter
University of California, Berkeley

The Impact of Iranian Immigrants on the California Economy
By Zandipour, Behrooz
Golden Gate University

The Internal Migration of the ForeignBorn Population in the United States: 1985-1990
By Henning, Sabine
University of Colorado at Boulder

The Location Choices of New Immigrant Households in the United States
By Wu, Wen-Chen
University of Michigan

The Mobility of Labor Under Advanced Capitalism: Dominican Migration to the United States
By Hernandez, Ramona
City University of New York

The Political and Economic Effects of Illegal Mexican Immigration to Los Angeles County
By Marcelli, Enrico A.
University of Southern California

Poverty Patterns and Determinants among Asian families in the United States: 1980-1990
By Zhai, Nanbin
Texas A&M University

Unskilled Immigration and Native Wages
Brown, Bruce Christian
University of California, Los Angeles


Acculturation and Ethnic Identity Development in Asian Indian Students
By Bufka, Lynn Fernandes
Boston University

Acculturation and Life Satisfaction Among Adult Vietnamese Refugees
By Graham, Gayle R.
California State University, Long Beach

Acculturative Stress Among Irish Immigrants and Challenges to Personal Identity
By O'Tiarnaigh, Charlotte N.
California School of Professional Psychology, Berkeley/Alameda

The Adaptation of Eritrean Migrants in the Los Angeles City Area
By Ghebremedhin, Mesghina
Rosemead School of Psychology, Biola University

Always in Motion: A Close Examination of the Assimilation Process of Immigrants in the United States
By Hurst, Michael E.
University of Illinois, Chicago

Animosity and Unity: Mexican-American and Mexican Immigrant Relations in La Puente, California
By Ochoa, Gilda Laura
University of California, Los Angeles

An Anthropological Examination of Aspects of Maltese Culture: The Maltese in Malta, and the Maltese in New York City
By Lafayette, Robert Joseph
Columbia University

Changing Household Structure Patterns in the Mexican Origin Population: Life Course, Family Survival Strategy and Cultural Incorporation Determinants
By Glick, Jennifer Elyse
University of Texas at Austin

Chinese Immigrant Adaptation in an American Urban Context: Chicago as a Case Study
By Wang, Qingling
University of Wisconsin, Madison

Collaborative Cultural Research and Public Sector Folklore Presentation: An Ethnographic Study of the African Immigrant Folklife Project
By N'Diaye, Diana Baird
The Union Institute

A Comparison of Three Measures of Acculturation for Mexican Americans
By Garfias, Frances Marcelline
California State University, Long Beach

Cultural Integration and Retention: The Dichotomy of the Hungarian '56ers
By Kocsis, Anthony Leslie
University of Guelph (Canada)

Demystifying Multiculturalism: A Study for Understanding Reverse Acculturation Among AngloAmericans
By Chen, Wenling
University of Texas at Austin

Differences in SelfPerception and Acculturation Among Hispanic Children with and Without Learning Disabilities
By Restrepo, Adriana
University of Miami

Effects of Ethnicity on Leisure Behavior and Its Meaning in the Life of a Selected Group of South American Immigrants
By Juniu, Susana
Temple University

Enid `Atoll': A Marshallese Migrant Community in the Midwestern United States
By Allen, Linda Ann
University of Iowa

Ethnic Identity and Migration Among Mexican Wage Laborers in Southern Illinois
By Anderson, Warren Douglasthe
Southern Illinois University at Carbondale

Ethnic Identity in Parsee Teenagers
By Bhadha, Bakhtawar Rayomand
University of Southern California

The Experience of Southeast Asian Refugee Families: An Exploration of Family Identity
By Lynch, Maureen Jessica
Oregon State University

Gender and Acculturation Differences in Anger Among Second Generation Asian Indo-Americans
By Kang, Abhinandan Kaur
Texas Woman's University

Helping Hands: Social Capital and the Undocumented Migration of Mexican Men to the United States
By Espinosa, Kristin Elizabeth
University of Chicago

Immigrant Youth: Strategies to Manage Cultural Dissonance
By Montazer, Zahra
University of Calgary (Canada)

The Impact of Migration on Arab Families in South Florida
By Abu Baker, Khawla
Nova Southeastern University

Intercountry Adoption: The Experiences and Adjustments of Families Adopting Children from Latin America, China, and the United States
By Gusukuma, Isaac Val
University of Texas at Austin

Intergenerational Values Differences Between Younger and Older Hmong in the United States
By Fang, Chao
United States International University

Literacy, Legitimacy, and the Composing of AsianAmerican Citizenship
By Young, Morris S. H.
University of Michigan

Locating Filipino-Americans: Ethnicity and the Cultural Politics of Space in Southern California
By Bonus, Enrique Caudal
University of California, San Diego

Matter Out of Place: Mexican Immigrants, National Terrains
By Inda, Xavier
University of California, Berkeley

Newcomers in a Small Town: Change and Ethnicity in Rural California
Haley, Brian Douglas
University of California, Santa Barbara

Parental Acculturation and Family Structure as Predictors of Self-Esteem in Iranian-Jewish Immigrant Children
By Zarnegar, Gita
California School of Professional Psychology, Los Angeles

Perceptions About Sex Role Differences and Acculturation in a Group of Mexican Americans
By Moreno, Rosa Olivia
California School of Professional Psychology, Los Angeles

Perceptions of Racism, Acculturation, and Depression in Firstgeneration MexicanAmerican Immigrants and Descendants of MexicanAmerican Immigrants
By Rivera, Beverly Carol
California School of Professional Psychology, Los Angeles

Predictors of Acculturation Among Iranian Immigrant Adults Living in the United States
By Ostovar, Roya
California School of Professional Psychology, Los Angeles

The Relationship Between Acculturation, Ethnic Identity, and SelfEsteem of Midwest Mexican-American University Students
By Ramirez, Rebecca L.
The University of Wisconsin, Madison

Relationships Among Acculturation, Acculturative Stress and Coping Processes in Iranian Immigrants
By Famili, Azadeh C.
California School of Professional Psychology, Los Angeles

Salvadoran Immigrants: Life Experiences and Adjustment into the Mainstream
By Irannejad, Teresa
California State University, Long Beach

The Sojourning Life as Problematic: Marital Crises of Chinese Students who are Studying in the United States
By Gao, Zhan
Syracuse University

Survival of the Knitted: The Social Networks of West Indian Immigrants
By Bashi, Vilna
University of Wisconsin, Madison

Transnational Migration, Gender Relations, and Learning Processes: Mexican Adults Constructing Lives in California
By Monkman, Karen L.
University of Southern California

The Transnational Search for Muslim Identity: Sierra Leoneans in America's Capital
By d'Alisera, Joann
University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign

Variations in Home Ownership Among Asian Ethnic Groups in the United States
By Lee, SungGun
University of Louisville


Assessment of an ESL Program: Opinion and Current Research
By Cowan, Sharon Yvonne
Texas A&M University, Commerce

Ethnic Identity Development and the Role of the Heritage Language
By Tse, Lucy
University of Southern California

Filipino-Americans, Children of Immigrants: A Participatory Research of Language and Identity
By IlanoTenorio, Blesilda L.
University of San Francisco

Incomplete L1 Acquisition in the Immigrant Situation: The Case of Yiddish in the United States
By Levine, Glenn Scott
University of Texas at Austin

Opportunity and Availability: Two More Links in Schumann's Acculturation Model for Second Language Acquisition
By Gill, Sujata Elizabeth
Carleton University (Canada)

Language Shock Experience of KoreanAmericans: Understanding Their Communication Difficulty in English
By Choe, Deborah In
University of Southern California

Managing Across the Language Barrier: Communication in the Multilingual Work Place
By Rose, Carol Catherine
University of Kansas

The Role of Chinese-Language Newspapers in the San Francisco Bay Area
By Chou, Chun-Ying
San Jose State University

The Social Life of Language in a Venezuelan Immigrant Family: Aspects of SpanishEnglish Bilingualism
By Brinkmann, Frieda Elaine
Temple University

Speaking in the Master's Voice: Problems in Assimilation
By Sivanarayanan, Anushiya
University of Nevada, Reno

Speaking in Tongues: German-Americans and the Heritage of Bilingual Education in American Public Schools
By Fessler, Paul Rudolph
Texas A&M University

Study of the Persuasive Effects of English Versus Spanish Language Printed Communications on Hispanic-Americans
By Lebron, Carlos Juan
Florida Atlantic University

What Does it Mean to Speak `Simple English'? The English Language Requirement for United States Citizenship
By Revilla, Candace
California State University, Long Beach


Case Study of a SchoolBased Parent Center in a LowIncome Immigrant Community
By Johnstone, Thomas Ross
Pepperdine University

The Development and Implementation of a Reading Preference Inventory to identify and Measure the Reading Preferences of Mexican Immigrant Students
By Quintana, Cindy C.
University of New Mexico

Educating Children Into Literacy: A Portrait of One Teacher's Work in a Bilingual Classroom
By Lopez, Miguel Guillermo
University of California, Berkeley

Educating New Americans: Hmong Immigrant Lives and Learning
By Hones, Donald F.
Michigan State University

Effects of a Rapidly Rising Immigrant Population on an Elementary School: A Case Study (School Climate)
By Kester, Mary Kathleen
Tennessee State University

Encounters with Schooling: Mien American Families in an Urban School District
By Roche, Agnes Marie
University of Washington

Women's Issues

Acculturation and Family Conflict in Portuguese Immigrant Mothers and Daughters
By GuerraLynch, Paula Maria
California School of Professional Psychology, San Diego

Acculturation and Generation Status and Their Relationship to Family Functioning and Self-Esteem Among Chinese-American Females
By Many, Jean
California School of Professional Psychology, Los Angeles

Acculturative Stress and Maladaptive Eating Patterns Among Korean American Immigrant Women
By Kobrine, Sandie Kim
California State University, Long Beach

Ain't I an American: Women's Autobiographical Narratives and the Construction of National Identity
By Domina, Lynn Marie
State University of New York at Stony Brook

Be Anybody, Be Somebody! Changing the Lives of Immigrant and WorkingClass Women. The Role of Adult Education at a Settlement House
By Rose, Judith
Northern Illinois University

Between Two Cultures: Exploring the Voices of First and Second Generation South Asian Women
By Tee, Karen AiLyn
Simon Fraser University (Canada)

Black Jamaican Immigrant Women's Experiences, Perceptions and Responses to Abuse from Male Spouses and Partners: The Impact of Slavery
By Vernon, Margaret Ann
Carleton University (Canada)

Cultural Identification and Psychological Well-Being Among Hispanic Professional Women
By Kurilla, Virginia C.
University of Virginia

Domestic Violence Among Vietnamese Refugee Women: Prevalence, Abuse Characteristics, Psychiatric Symptoms, and Psychological Factors
By Tran, Carolee Giaouyen
Boston University

Female Circumcision: A Transcultural Study of Attitudes, Identity, and Reproductive Health of East African Immigrants
By Gali, Mary Ann
The Wright Institute

Immigrant Women's Lives: Weaving Garment Work and Legislative Policy
By Charles, Ruth A.
Syracuse University

The Influence of the Acculturation Process and Family Stress on College Adjustment of Latinas
By Brown, Blanca Acosta
California School of Professional Psychology, Fresno

Latina College Students: The Impact of Stress, Acculturation, and Social Support on Psychological WellBeing and Distress
By Morris, Julie Katharine
California School of Professional Psychology, Los Angeles

Multiple Roles of Korean Immigrant Wives: Impact on Depression
By Um, Chae Chung
University of Illinois at Chicago, Health Services Center

Muslim Women's Voices: Generation, Acculturation, and Faith in the Perceptions of Mental Health and Psychological Help
By HaqueKhan, Asra
Texas Woman's University

Narratives of Transnational Migration, Work, and Health: The Lived Experiences of Brazilian Women in the United States
By Messias, Deanne Karen Hilfinger
University of California, San Francisco

Patterns of Diversity and Forms of Interpretation: a Cultural Analysis of Immigrant Mexican Women Who Have Been Battered
By Warwick, Nancy Wynn
University of California, Los Angeles

Predictors of Attitudes Toward Wife-Beating Among Asian Indians in America
By Ganguly, Anindita
California School of Professional Psychology, Fresno

Predictors of Perceived Marital Power Among Latin American Immigrant Women
By Goldsman, Lila Rosa
California School of Professional Psychology, Los Angeles

Processes of Biculturalism and Ethnic Identity Development in Second generation FilipinoAmerican Women
By Galapon, Dixie Lopez
California School of Professional Psychology, San Diego

Race, Class, Ethnicity, and Surinamese Women in the United States
By Orna, Hanan Cornelly
Columbia University Teachers College

The Relationship Between Womanist Identity Attitudes, Cultural Identity, and Acculturation to Asian-American Women's Self-Esteem
By Alarcon, Maria Cielo B.
Ball State University

Role Strain and Symptoms in a Group of Pakistani Immigrant Women
By Karasz, Alison Katharina
City University of New York

Women in Cultural Transition: Voices of Hmong Mothers in an Urban School
By Getahun, Linde Joveda
University of Minnesota

The Elderly

Assilimation and Life Satisfaction of Elderly Korean Immigrants in the Atlanta Area
By Kim, Hee-Nyon
University of Tennessee

Health Care Experiences of Elderly Rural Latinos
By Averill, Jennifer Bates
University of Colorado Health Services Center

The Hispanic Elderly: Impact of Acculturation on Life Satisfaction, Socioeconomic Status, and Access to Services
By Gueller, Sergio Fernando
California State University, Long Beach

Immigration Patterns, Locale Orientation, and Life Satisfaction Among Elderly Filipinos on Oahu
By Abenoja, Macrina K.
University of Hawaii

Life Satisfaction, Acculturation, and Leisure Participation Among Older Urban Korean Migrants
By Kim, Maeng Sun
New York University

Living Arrangements of Older Asian Noncitizens in the United States
By Lee, GeumYong
the University of Texas at Austin

The Relationship Between Acculturation and the Household Structure of Older Mexican Americans in Los Angeles
By Reyes, Gloria Marianne
University of Southern California


Immigrant Clergy in the Promised Land
By Nuesch-Olver, Delia
Syracuse University

Pastoral Conseling Taiwanese Immigrants in the Church Setting: A Cross Cultural Perspective
By Lin, James Chia-Cheng
School of Theology at Claremont

Perceived Social Support, Subjective WellBeing, and the Practice of Santeria Among Four Immigrant Waves: A Comparative Study of CubanAmericans in Dade County, Florida
By Puig, Maria Elena
Barry University School of Social Work

Religious Conversion and Identity Construction: A Study of a Chinese Christian Church in the United States
By Yang, Fenggang
Catholic University

The Role of Women Leaders in the 21st Century Immigrant Churches
By Ha, Young Bok
Fuller Theological Seminary, Doctor of Ministry Korean Program


The Acculturation of Chinese Intellectuals in Hawaii: 1894-1959
By Chen, Qi
University of Hawaii

Between Alienation and Citizenship: The Evolution of Black West Indian Society in Panama, 1914-1964
By O'Reggio, Trevor Evan
University of Chicago

Chinese Migrants Among Ghosts: Chicago, Peru and Hawaii in the Early Twentieth Century
By McKeown, Adam M.
University of Chicago

Civil Strangers: The Irish in Philadelphia During the Early National Period
By McAleer, Margaret H.
Georgetown University

The Creation of a Mexican Immigrant Community in Kansas City, 1890-1930
By Mendoza, Valerie Marie
University of California, Berkeley

The Disposable Mexican: Operation Wetback 1954, the Deportation of Undocumented Workers in California and Texas
By Cavazos, Sylvia
University of Texas, Pan American

"Forty Shades of Green": Conflict Over Community Among New York's Irish, 1860-1920
By Kelly, Mary C.
Syracuse University

From British Mercenaries to Swedish Nobles: The Immigration of British Soldiers to Sweden During the Seventeenth Century
By Ailes, Mary Elizabeth
University of Minnesota

From Emigrant to Immigrant: The Personal Experience of German and Irish Immigrants in Pennsylvania, 1800-1860
By Lamkin, Bryan James
University of California, Riverside

The Greatest Menace: Organized Crime in United States Culture and Politics, 1946-1961
By Bernstein, Lee Adam
University of Minnesota

The Irish in the South, 1815-1877
By Gleeson, David Thomas
Mississippi State University

The Italians of Albuquerque, 18801930: A Study in Immigrant Adjustment and Assimilation
By Ciotola, Nicholas Peter
University of New Mexico

Racing the Nation: Immigration Policy, Race, and National Identity in Canada and the United States, 1905-1925
By Clifford, Elizabeth Joyce
Northwestern University

The Rhetorical Tactics of the Immigration Restriction League: An Anti-Immigraiton Social Movement Organization, 1894-1924
By Gilchrest, Eileen Czarnecki
University of Houston

Science at the Borders: Immigrant Medical Inspection and Defense of the Nation, 1891 to 1930
By Fairchild, Amy Lauren
Columbia University

The Sojourners' Story: Philadelphia's Chinese Immigrants, 1900-1925
By Jin, Dongzheng
Temple University

The Taming of Difference: A Comparative History of Identity
By Shanahan, Suzanne
Stanford University

`Unterwegs': Czech Labor Migration and Ethnic Identity in Bohemia and Saxony, 1870-1914
By Murdock, Caitlin E.
Emory University

Non-U.S. Immigration

Access to Housing and its Impact on the Adaptation Process: The Case of African Immigrants in Calgary
By Danso, Ransford Kwabena
University of Calgary (Canada)

Anatomy of an Identity Dilemma: A Case Study of the Transformation of Mainlanders from Sojouners to Settlers in Contemporary Taiwan
By Li, KuangChun
University of Texas at Austin

Arab Immigrants in the Canadian Labour Market: Expectations and Compromises
By Al-Hihi, Mahmoud Moh'D
Concordia University (Canada)

Destination, Housing and Quality of Life in the Migrant Experience From Larino (Molise, Italy) to Milano and Montreal
By Fainella, John Giovanni
McGill University (Canada)

`Dread Inna Inglan': Nationalism, AntiRacism and Diaspora Culture in Thatcherite Britain
By Dawson, Ashley James
Columbia University

From Hostel to `Home': Immigration, Resettlement and Community. The Ethnic Vietnamese in Australia, 1975-1995
By McCoy, Damien
University of New South Wales (Australia)

The Kurds in Canada: A Question of Ethnic Identity
By Peralta, Judith B.
Carleton University (Canada)

The Migration, Settlement, and Ethnic Relations of Finland-Swedes in Canada
By Roinila, Mika PetriOlavi
University of Saskatchewan (Canada)

Resettlement of Ghanaian Refugees in Metropolitan Toronto
By Opoku-Dappah, Edward
York University (Canada)

Seasonal Agricultural Workers Program in Ontario: From the Perspective of Jamaican Migrants
By Knowles, Kimberly Jane
University of Guelph (Canada)

Tunga: A Study of Malian Soninke Labor Migration to France
By Konate, Moussa
University of California, Los Angeles

The Voice of a Gringa: The Acculturation Experience of North American Women to Chile
By Lorig, Barbara Jean
University of St. Thomas (St. Paul)

When QuasiCitizenship is Not Enough. The Incorporation of People of Muslim Origin in Two NationStates in Crisis: France and Great Britain
By Cohen, Danielle
City University of New York

Immigration-Related Dissertations

As part of its mission to provide in-depth coverage of the many facets of immigration, the Center for Immigration Studies has compiled a list of doctoral dissertations from 1997. Each explores some aspect of immigration and, for ease of use, they have been organized into categories:

* Policy
* Women's Issues
* Economy/Demography
* The Elderly
* Acculturation/Ethnicity
* Religion
* Language
* History
* Education/Schools
* Non-U.S. Immigration
* Health