Kushner-Trump Plan

Immigration Enforcement and Modernization of the Legal Immigration System, but No Reduction in Numbers

By CIS on May 16, 2019

President Trump has unveiled his new immigration plan, which shifts legal immigration away from chain migration and toward a merit-based system and strengthens immigration enforcement, but does not reduce total levels of immigration.

Mark Krikorian, the Center's Executive Director, said, "This plan represents a very positive effort on immigration, and includes important provisions such as limits to chain migration, closing the loopholes that are allowing the flow of drugs and migrants at the southern border and a crackdown on visa overstays. It is concerning there was no mention of E-Verify. However, it is not likely to become legislation, but is rather a statement of the president's goals. As such, the fact that it does not even call for a modest reduction in total immigration, but instead offsets decreases with increases in 'skills-based' immigration, is very concerning."

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