Immigration Newsmaker: A Conversation with Ryan Girdusky about his new book, They're Not Listening

By CIS on June 15, 2020

The Center for Immigration Studies streamed an Immigration Newsmaker conversation on Wednesday, June 17 featuring political consultant and writer Ryan Girdusky, co-author of a new book, They're Not Listening: How the Elites Created the Nationalist Populist Revolution. In the book, the authors examine the history of the anti-establishment revolution and describe the political force that contributed to its development – national populism – and the role massive immigration played in the growth of this movement.

Girdusky and Harlan Hill cite immigration as “the single biggest motivating factor leading to the national populist revolution across the world” and the “most important issue facing democracies across the world because it affects all other foreign and domestic policy.” Formulating and enforcing policies that take into account culture, identity, and social cohesion is of vital importance to the health of a nation as “A nation can come back from many failed policies: a lost war, an economic recession, and a devaluation of currency. Yet a country can never come back from an immigration policy that exacerbates human beings’ tribal instincts and erodes their cultural and national character.”


Book: They're Not Listening: How the Elites Created the Nationalist Populist Revolution

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