Read Todd Bensman’s utterly surreal tale of cynical Joe's bizarre battle to save river MUSSELS in the open sewer that is the Rio Grande's illegal migrant crossroads and ask: Have you ever heard of such stinking hypocrisy?

By Todd Bensman on August 12, 2023

Daily Mail, August 12, 2023

For nearly 30 months, soft White House border policies have lured millions of foreign nationals to the U.S. Mexico border and the banks of Rio Grande - where they've dumped their trash.

Near sprawling migrant encampments, long stretches of the river have become stinking, garbage-clogged sewers filled with human excrement and choked by invasive plants.

But, until last month, not a U.S. single government agency or environmental group said much more than a peep about it.

Now, all the sudden, President Joe Biden's government is sounding the environmental alarm.

On July 24th, the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service sent out a cry to save the Mexican Fawnsfoot, a riverbed mussel that lives in the Rio Grande.

They propose extending Endangered Species Act protections to the humble mollusk.

Why now?

For decades, environmentalists have begged the government to do something to save the Fawnsfoot.

Well, the White House would have you believe that they care deeply about the health of the Rio Grande and the poor bivalves.

I don't believe it for a second.

This is a cynical 'shell' game.

It just so happens that some of the remaining populations of the Mexican Fawnsfoot nestle into the mud near one of most trafficked illegal immigrant crossings on all of the Rio Grande.

It's here, across from Eagle Pass, Texas, that Governor Gregg Abbott has installed the first 1,000 feet of a floating marine barrier to block migrants from entering the U.S. from Mexico.

Illegal-immigrant advocates, Mexico's government, and the Biden administration are in the midst of an all-or-nothing legal, propaganda, and political campaign to force Texas to remove the barrier and abandon state plans to extend it miles downstream.

If all else fails, an Endangered Species declaration and a lawsuit would certainly threaten Abbott's border security measures.

Too cynical, you say?

Consider that for years, I've witnessed the ecological devastation wrought by relentless illegal immigration.

I'll tell you what's really killing the mussels, its Biden's border policy, yet no environmentalist will ever say that out loud.

Take a look at the vast, makeshift migrant shanty towns, like those in the Mexican border cities of Reynosa and Matamoros, Mexico.

Here rotting garbage in scattered piles cascades by the ton straight into the Rio Grande. Water bottles, food wrappers, discarded bags and all manner of debris litters the riverbanks.

It's also here that thousands of immigrants empty their bowels straight into the water every day. That's why few dare drink from the river itself.

The man-made fertilizer feeds invasive hyacinth plants that choke off water flow and rob native water species of oxygen and sunlight.

The river has possibility not been this abused since the advent of industrialized farming.

To be sure, mass immigration did not introduce the hyacinth to the Rio Grande, but I'd bet the river weed's spread near migrant camps is no coincidence.

It's hard to believe that mussels – or anything else - could survive under the solid mats created by this meddlesome species from Brazil.

And speaking of smothering mats, on the American side of the border, tens of thousands of immigrants fresh from their river crossings strip off their soaking wet clothes and drop them on the ground creating suffocating blankets over the riparian habitat.

The shirts, shorts, pants and baby diapers are mixed with abandoned medications, syringes, animal feces and other non-biodegradable junk.

In one area of Brownsville, Texas across from Matamoros, I walked atop one rancid, spongy pad so thick that local National Guardsmen called the area 'the mattress.'

And that's to say nothing of the countless immigrants, who trudge back and forth across shallow areas of the river, leaving deep underwater trails denuded of any living thing.

If mussels are in the mud only their crushed shells would remain as evidence.

So, where was Fish & Wildlife and groups, like the Sierra Club, when this started happening?

They were nowhere to be found, because they've abandoned their mission and been coopted by a Democratic Party that's determined to prop open America's gates to all.

This week, a senior Texas law enforcement officer told me no migrant has gone near the 1,000-foot buoy stretching across the river near Eagle Pass since it was installed.

'No one's going over it. No one's going under it,' the official said. 'I'd like to have another two miles of it.'

If President Biden really wanted to stop the mussel killing and restore the Rio Grande, he'd order more river barriers. But he won't.

Despite the handwringing over endangered species, these cynical open-border liberals are the Mexican Fawnsfoots' worst enemy.