Provisions for Sibling Immigrants in English-Speaking Nations

By David North on March 19, 2013

The United States is very much alone in granting immigration visas to siblings of citizens, as this table shows:

NationImmigration Provisions for Siblings of Citizens Provisions for the Sibling's Family
United States Yes, 65,000 immigrant slots are set aside for siblings and their spouses and children in the Family Fourth Preference Yes
Australia Only if the sibling meets these criteria: "aged dependent relative, carer, special needs relative and remaining relative and residual preferential family" No provision
Canada "Brothers, sisters … who are orphans under 18 years of age" No provision
New Zealand No provision No provision
United Kingdom "(i) The son, daughter, sister, brother, uncle or aunt over the age of 18 if living alone outside the United Kingdom in the most exceptional compassionate circumstances; and

(ii) Is joining or accompanying a person who is present and settled in the United Kingdom or who is on the same occasion being admitted for settlement; and

(iii) Is financially wholly or mainly dependent on the relative present and settled in the United Kingdom; and

(iv) Can, and will, be accommodated adequately, together with any dependents, without recourse to public funds, in accommodation which the sponsor owns or occupies exclusively; and

(iva) Can, and will, be maintained adequately, together with any dependents, without recourse to public funds; and

(v) Has no other close relatives in his own country to whom he could turn for financial support; and

(vi) If seeking leave to enter, holds a valid United Kingdom entry clearance for entry in this capacity; and

(vii) Does not fall for refusal under the general grounds for refusal." (emphasis added)

Such family members are specifically barred by the "living alone" requirement


Immigration agency websites in these five nations.