NY Times Tells Part of the Story about Santos’ Questionable Marriage

By David North on February 17, 2023

The New York Times, on February 15 raised questions about the marriage between Rep. George Santos (R-N.Y.), a gay man, and a woman, Uadla Vieira Santos, back in 2012.

This was the sub-head in the internet version of the story: “A letter to ethics watchdogs in the House of Representatives questioned if Mr. Santos’s seven-year marriage was a scheme to aid a woman’s immigration bid.”

That’s a good, if belated question, one that we covered at some length a month ago.

The question is: Did Santos, identified by the Times as a citizen, marry Uadla Vieira, a non-citizen, to give her a green card? Was this a phony marriage, contrary to immigration law? Given Santos’s sexual preferences — and the fact that he dated men during the marriage — this is a pertinent inquiry.

There is, however, perhaps more to the story than the paper reveals. My readers are about to learn more about Mrs. Santos than the (more numerous) readers of the Times know.

That is that on June 17, 2022, just after Santos launched his second (and successful) campaign for the House, one Uadla Santos bought a house in Elizabeth, N.J., for an even $750,000. The house is located at 66 Delaware Street, near the waterfront of that Union County municipality. The deed can be seen here.

Now, Uadla is a very, very unusual name, so the purchaser is highly likely to be his former wife. On the other hand, her purchase and his campaign timing may be a total coincidence.

There may be another element to this that can be found in Santos’ jumbled and odd campaign finance reports, which include a large payment (some hundreds of thousands of dollars) paid to an unknown company or person. Did this payment relate to Uadla? Was it made to keep her quiet about that odd wedding? The Times and other papers have tried to interview her, but she has apparently successfully avoided the press.

Between the Times and CIS, maybe we will learn the answers someday.