Illegal Immigration Profiteers

By Ronald W. Mortensen on April 4, 2011

When employers exert their power and influence to safeguard their access to an unlimited supply of illegal alien labor, they put profits ahead of principle and sacrifice millions of American children to identity theft. These employers are like war profiteers who put profits ahead of the interests of their nation and its people.

War profiteers use their power and influence to actively engage their governments in war for their personal and corporate gain. Like war profiteers, illegal immigration profiteers use their power and influence to get their governments to facilitate and encourage illegal immigration so they can pad their bottom lines.

War profiteers engage in actions that put heavy burdens on a nation's taxpayers. Illegal immigration profiteers shift billions of dollars in social costs associated with low-paid, often exploited illegal alien employees to American taxpayers.

The acts of war profiteers result in the destruction of millions of families. Illegal alien profiteers destroy families by encouraging illegal aliens to use the stolen identities of millions of American children and by replacing American workers with illegal aliens, thereby denying Americans a source of income, health care coverage, and the ability to provide for their families.

War profiteers replace national interests and the interests of the nation's citizens with their own personal interests. Illegal immigration profiteers support open borders and encourage people with no allegiance to the United States to take the place of hard-working Americans who do their best to obey the laws and to raise their children to be honorable citizens.

War profiteers ignore the laws they don't like and fight laws that limit their ability to profit from war regardless of the harm done to others. If laws restrict their activities, they find loopholes and ways around them. Illegal immigration profiteers fight to prevent the enforcement of existing laws or the passage of new laws that would limit their ability to profit from illegal immigration. Chambers of Commerce and agricultural interests oppose the enforcement of immigration laws, sue to overturn laws that require them to hire a legal workforce, and use their power and influence to enact laws that grant amnesty to illegal aliens and to their employers.

Illegal immigration profiteers have been frightened by the efforts of state legislatures to restrict their access to low-cost, easily exploited illegal alien labor and they are now on the offensive in Arizona, Utah, and a wide range of other states to turn back the tide and to protect their profits. They are not going to give up easily and, just like war profiteers, they are going to do everything they can to guarantee their ability to make a buck no matter how bad the collateral damage may be.

As the debate goes forward, keep an eye out for the continuing efforts of illegal immigration profiteers to put profits ahead of principle. Watch for employers and their associations to denigrate American workers, vilify anyone who stands between them and their illegal labor, put economic benefits ahead of the well-being of their fellow citizens and their country, and to sacrifice American children for profits.